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Saturday, January 4, 2014

rooms to grow - Heather Steinback - play room

Heather is on the blog again, featuring her daughter Selah's play room. They are expecting baby #2 next month, so they needed to get things rearranged and organized in the house. LOVING this look and feel of a play room. It's a functional room, one that matches the rest of the house, and yet is adorable and FUN, too. 

SO many great ideas. I'm seriously going shopping at IKEA now. Pronto! I haven't been since my husband and I moved in together a zillion years ago. It's time! 

LOVE her clocks idea... check it out at the bottom of this piece. 

Great tips for organization and a clean look to a play room. 

Thanks, again, Heather! I can't wait until you finish the baby room... must feature that next! 

Photos from Heather Steinback

  1. What purpose does this room serve for your family? What do people do in here? 
    This is the playroom on the first floor of our house, adjacent to the living room.

  2. What was the "before" in this room like? Why did you want to change it up?
    The room before was an office / playroom – but it had gotten chaotic as a result of just slowly evolving into a playroom as well as my husband’s office. Since he works from home often, he needed his own space. We also wanted order with all the toys.

  3. What are you excited about / proud of with this room now? 
    We are excited how this room became what we wanted: we wanted a space which would match the overall color / scheme of the adult portions of the house, yet still be somewhat geared toward children. 

    We wanted to keep it simple...very simple...since a playroom has so much chaos to it!

  4. What do you hope your child thinks of his room or could do in this room?
    So far our daughter is fully embracing the room as we wanted. Her own space to play and store all the crazy toys!

  5. What are the best parts about this room and why did you choose to include those?
    The best part of this room is how we had a full year to see our needs before making it what it was. Therefore, we had time to plan a space for each item and toy and really fulfill our needs and our daughter's need.

  6. Share info about the room in general, what is in there specifically, why you put things where you did, why you chose bright colors, etc.
    It was important to my husband that the space looked cohesive with the rest of our house. He wanted something neutral and not “too kiddie” – so we attempted to look for a print which was educational and fun, yet would match the rest of our house. 

    Travel and exploring other nations is important part of our past, and we want to pass that onto our children. Therefore, we went with a basic “world” theme. 

    We pretty much took the Ikea website and planned out exactly what we wanted, then took one full day to purchase and implement.

    1. Paint Color – Stonington Gray Benjamin Moore
    2. Toy Storage Cabinet System – Ikea has the best toy storage and at an affordable price. We loved this system. It was natural and you could pick bins and shelves based off the sizes you needed. This was the focal point of the room because I wanted as many toys out of sight as possible.
    3. World Print – Ikea - we just loved this and it took up the majority of the wall you see from the rest of the house.
    4. Clocks with time zones – Ikea had super cheap clocks and we made it personal by labeling the time zones as places sentimental to us – where we met, where we have gone, where we hope to go.
    5. Kiddie Table – Ikea – wanted a space for her to color and make a mess where we did not care if the table was ruined.
    6. Lights – Ikea – we have no ceiling wiring in this room. So we looked for something affordable yet if a child knocked it over, they would survive…
    7. Spice Racks / Book Storage – Took from Pinterest, bought from Ikea.
    8. Picture Wiring – Have not put up the silver artwork wiring to hang the kid’s artwork – will go above her kitchen.
    9. Small Whicker Toddler Chair – Loved these, affordable from Ikea. Wanted some extra seating for kids to read etc.
    10. Large Toy Basket – Found at homegoods. I wanted a large storage item for “large toys” – the little people items / larger stationery toys, etc. – something we could throw large items in when I wanted to vacuum or we have people over and I just wanted items off the floor.

      Again, this space was really about order and function. Keeping toys hidden and out of the way when needed. I think the key was planning ahead, seeking our needs, and literally measuring, planning and making a list prior to shopping. It made it all a lot easier.

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