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Monday, January 20, 2014

rooms to grow - Arwen Meyer

YAY, thanks to Hiedi Earwood for helping out her good friend Arwen Meyer with snapping a few photos of her brand new baby's nursery. I LOVE this room! Love it! The colors are amazing, so cute for a little guy. Most incredibly organized and adorable closet ever, too... scroll down to see!

Congrats to new mama, Arwen, and the new little one! Thanks for taking the time to put this together with such a newborn around. It's worth showing off! 

All photos from Hiedi Earwood and Arwen Meyer

1. What purpose does this room serve for your family? What do people do in here?
This is Phoenix's nursery. Since he is just over a week old, it's used primarily for changing/feeding/sleeping.

2. What was the "before" in this room like? Why did you want to change it up?
This room used to be used as an office.

OK, seriously, how cool are these laundry baskets? Sorting easier! Love that idea!

3. What are you excited about / proud of with this room now?

I am really proud of how all of the details, planned and unplanned, fit together seamlessly in the end.  

We purchased things from several stores over many months, and made some things for a personal touch, and it all just works so well together.

4. What do you hope your child thinks of his room or could do in this room?

I hope our son can look around this room and feel the love from everyone that contributed. His great grandmother made him the afagan, I modge podged his letters, and his father built him the closet organizer and applied the wall stickers.

5. What are the best parts about this room and why did you choose to include those?
I love that we have a book case full of books, given to him at his shower, and a comfy chair (that we searched high and low for!) to read them in. Reading is very important to us.

6. Share info about the room in general, what is in there specifically, why you put things where you did, why you chose bright colors, etc.
When we started planning the room, I knew I wanted a crisp look and that I didn't want a definite theme. 

I started with the wall color. Then thought about storage and the other pieces of furniture we wanted in the room. 

From there it was all about the personal little details to make this HIS room. We love how it all turned out, and are excited to see him grow into it.

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