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Saturday, January 25, 2014

potty training 101 - children's books

Reading to children about things that are coming up in their lives is a great idea! It helps teach them about things they are curious about. We have books all around our house... on the back of the toilet in the bathroom, next to the couch in the living room, on a book shelf with a comfy bear to sit next to upstairs, next to each of their beds so when they wake in the morning they can read on their own, etc.

Reading about pottying is just one more way of teaching your child about this sometimes crazy process.

Here are a few good reads I found.

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We have these two for boys or girls. They are straight forward and cute!

OK this one I have to get from the library. My son would love this... firefighters!

Princesses pottying... how sweet!

We loved the Joanna Cole book about becoming a big brother, 
so I'm sure this one is super cute as well. 

Sesame Street fans will enjoy these below! Also, the Elmo Potty video is a fun one. 

Pirates using potties... oh this would be perfect for little guys out there!

This one is kinda gross but definitely real, so it's funny.

SUPER POOPER... I kinda want this one just to make me laugh.

We have this one below for my daughter, the girls version, with real kids in the pictures, it's cute. 

LOVE all Free Spirit books, like Hands Are Not For Hitting. This one is cute!

Last but not least, our favorites by Alona Frankel... the Once Upon a Potty books for boys and girls. These are adorable. I do wish she labeled pee and poop as such, but we change up the words when we read it so it's no big deal. She goes over body parts in this and the waiting game of potty training. An old favorite.

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