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Thursday, January 2, 2014

jar of memories - a new year's activity

Jar of Memories
This was the most fun thing to do on New Year's this year... we read back through little notes we'd written throughout the year, including memories, fun moments we'd had, births of babies, and the silliest things that came out of our childrens' mouths. It was such a sweet way to ring in the new year. Yesterday over Chinese food leftovers, my husband and I laughed and laughed at the silly things our kids had done this past year. I write in the baby book all the time, and yet some of these little things I'd not written down. It was fun to remember them again.

I found this idea on Pinterest last December. Love Pinterest!

It's easy! Find any type of jar, old milk bottle, tupperware container, etc. that you want. We used this one above because it was gifted to me last year as a joke from a co-worker, a Redneck Wine Glass, it's a mason jar glued to a candle holder. I didn't know what else to do with it, so this seemed perfect for it. 

We kept it on top of our fridge so it would be easily seen to us, something we would actually do since it was right in our face. Pardon the messy top of the fridge picture, but that's life... cookbooks, tools, tissue holder, and memory jar, voila! 

I also put paper and a pen next to it, again, making it easy for us to actually do. 

Then you just write down any random thing you want to... silly words the kids' said, fun moments like when my daughter would hold out her arms and say "dada" to the picture on the fridge of him and his brothers. I loved reading that one! She's so talkative now, it was crazy looking back to a moment when she could barely talk. That felt so long ago, but was less than a year ago.

We wrote when our niece was born, and road trips we took.

My husband wrote several really silly ones of when he woke up our son after nap, the funny things they talked about that I didn't even know about all year.

Some of them we wrote the date on. I'd like to remember to write the date this year because it's fun to try to remember when that moment happened. 

Make it your own!

A friend had her child help her decorate the outside with glitter, ribbons, markers, paper, etc.

My sister-in-law used a cool glass milk bottle and colored post-it papers so it looked pretty neat when they were all in the bottle. She also cut out the numbers 13 for last year to put on the outside of the bottle. It could be something they keep on a shelf now.

Do what works for you, but try this! It's an easy thing to do.
I admit the last two months I have totally slacked on writing things for our jar, so most of our memories inside are from before the last two months... but that's OK. Don't make this into one more thing on your plate, have fun with it!

Now that 2013 is over, we've emptied the jar and will put those notes into an envelope to look at later. We're starting again with more notes, two in there already today!


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