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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

it's a work baby shower!

My best co-worker friend, Christine Coutu, is having her first baby girl! Work showers are so much fun. They are simple and always full of food, and people who work hard together actually enjoying time together. It's fun to get a range of people and ages in one room, all walks of life and experiences - some with newborns, some with multiple kids, some without children.

My friend is the sweetest person ever, so planning her shower was something I was way too interested in planning little details for, texting her husband to ask random questions like their wedding colors (rose pink and light green, which were part of the theme!) or the crib colors.

We took maternity pictures of her growing baby bump the weekend before the shower, so of course I had to frame some of them for the party atmosphere.

Christine is not in favor of all girlie pink items for her daughter so we tried to have subtle touches of pink. I happened to find her wedding colors in some party plates at the Dollar Tree of all places, such a lucky find!

My favorite part of the party was coming up with the candy bar! One of her cravings was sweet treats and candy. I collected various candies, got some clear bags and twist ties so people at the party could fill their treat bags for a snack later on. So much fun! I've always wanted to put one of these together.

A few of the candies included:
Snickers mini bars
Tootsie Rolls
Gummi Bears
Good n' Plenty
Sour Patch Kids
Reeses Pieces
Heath Bar pieces
Raspberry M&Ms

We got her an adorable gluten free cake just for herself. Carrot cake. Amazingness. From Bam-Bam Bakery in Portland. So yummy!

These cookies were super cute! A co-worker (a guy of all things!) made these diaper cookies. Such a great idea for a shower!

Because she has a huge family - really big! - and is a devoted member of a large church of like-family friends, along with this being her first of three or four baby showers... my co-worker and I who planned this wanted it to be as simple as possible for her.

We asked guests to bring books for the baby to start their library. We figured that was perfect since we work in a school and educators love books!  It was less to open - very few blankets and onesies were given. Those items are absolutely adorable, but not at multiple showers.

Christine had also told me that she always tries to spoil the mom-to-be when she attends showers, giving them nail polish or bath soap or candy or something they can enjoy themselves since they are doing all the hard work. So, of course at a simple shower we needed something for HER! We asked people to consider giving her magazines, parenting books,  nail polish, lotions, bath items, comfy socks or slippers, and of course candy or chocolates since those are her favorite. She got the sweetest gifts! It's so nice to remind yourself to pamper your growing belly at that late stage in the pregnancy. She was so happy receiving those gifts!

This was such a fun shower. It's so special planning a baby shower for someone who is so appreciative of every little detail you put into the party, and of course a first baby!

OK wait till you see this diaper baby below! You've seen diaper cakes, right?  Well, this is a baby. Made out of DIAPERS! My co-worker is super crafty. Love this idea, so different.

 Baby showers are fun!

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