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Thursday, January 2, 2014

frosty the fridge

I'm sure you've seen this type of idea on Pinterest. My husband surprised us one morning in December with this guy on our refrigerator! My children LOVED waking up to seeing our fridge decked out like a snowman!They thought it was the coolest thing ever, Frosty the Fridge. We could have said it was the Elf on the Shelf who did it, but I knew my husband kinda wanted that slight happy credit to see what they thought knowing that he did this to our fridge so we told them it was Daddy. They were ecstatic!

I definitely think this is a fun thing to do either at Christmas time, or even now, after the holidays are over... to keep a little magic in the air. It's a fun middle of the winter type of idea. You could even have your children help you build it if you are stuck indoors one cold day.

A friend of mine also did this on her childrens' bedroom doors instead because she didn't have a white fridge, so do whatever works.


Here are some easy ways to make this snowman, just cut these shapes out of construction paper.

Then I put it all away like this, after carefully taking it off the fridge, in hopes that my husband doesn't have to recreate it next year. 

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