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Saturday, January 18, 2014

a mess to success - Whitney Duchaine

LOVE this transformation! 
Such a more useful space this closet has become for momma Whitney Duchaine. I love that she took something that may sound simple but really was quite frustrating at night... her son dumping Goldfish everywhere.... and found a solution to it! Little changes make big solutions sometimes. 

Organization to me is about making things easier, less stressful, and working better for you. It's not about perfection or taking tons of time away from things you enjoy doing. It's about making more time for things that are easier for you.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and getting the same negative results... I see that to be very true with chaos and messes, and being unorganized. It's harder to live in the daily parenting challenges when you're unorganized or have messy spaces that make things take more time to sort through. 

My advice is to take things one step - or one space - at a time. Check out last February-April 2013's M.O.M. Mom's On a Mission to get Organized features on the blog for more specific tips on organizing your home's spaces.

Thanks, Whitney, for sharing!

If you have a before and after picture and want to share your experience of going from a total MESS to real SUCCESS, please email me at

1. Why did you want to change this space? What were you hoping a change would give you more or less of?
We have four closets in our house: one in each of the two bedrooms, a coat closet, and this one. Not much for storage! So the first pic is the before. The rest are the "afters". The very last pic is the whole reason I did this. I have one cabinet for food that we can't find a baby proof lock that works. So Connor keeps stealing snacks and dumping goldfish all over the floor. If the dog eats any more goldfish she's going to start to waddle haha. So now I have a baby proofed snack drawer so neither of them are stealing snacks!

I changed it because I couldn't baby proof the cabinet that had snacks. So I'm trying to make dinner and I'd hear a crash. Connor would be pulling out goldfish and dumping them out. Then it became a UFC cage fight between him and the dog to see who could inhale the most food before I could clean it up! Now the snacks are in one of the only cabinets I could get a lock on. 

2. How does this organized space help you as a mom?
I can find stuff much easier because it makes more sense. 

Sauces, jams, vinegars in one basket, baking supplies in one, cake decorating in another. 

No more buying three canisters of rolled oats because I couldn't see that I already had them!

3. What helped you to do this transformation? 
I was cleaning up and organizing from Xmas and I was on a roll haha. I got a lot of the canisters and baskets at my bridal shower so it was just me getting myself motivated. 

4. What is your advice to others trying to get a space like this organized? 

My advice would be start with a plan.

I'd tried it before but it was kind of half-assed just wanted stuff out of my way. This time I had a good plan for where everything was going to go, what was getting moved and what was getting thrown away.

And I did it when my husband wasn't around because he's a bit of hoarder. So the broken blender actually got thrown away!

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