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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Shop & Support Moms - sew awesome mom Christy Witham

Photo by Photography by Kay ~ Kayleigh Barrett, York, Maine 

Christy Witham of York, Maine is not only an incredibly devoted and hard working mama two four adorable boys, but she's also SUPER crafty! She can make pretty much anything. I'm serious, you ask her or toss out a simple idea and a week later she's got it created and ready to be sent to whoever you want to give a gift! I know these things. She's my cousin :) And I've also bought several towels from her as gifts. I've given them as first birthday gifts and baby shower gifts. I ordered a towel for a co-worker's baby, something several of us pitched in on. She loved it! I've ordered a shirt as my son's birthday party shirt. She does GREAT work! You will not be disappointed ordering from her.

 All photos below from Christy Witham 

1. How did you start your business? Why did you want your own business? When did you start your business?
I started my business three years ago when a friend told me I should do the VES craft fair with my towels. At that time I just made the towels with names on them for friends/family birthdays. I thought about it and decided that pictures on towels would be fun. I couldn't just do names and expect them to sell. My children have unique names so I just couldn't do it. Pictures of things were the next best thing. I never expected it to be a business. It just kinda sprung a life of its own.

2. What does the name of your business mean? How did you come up with the title?
The name of my business came from a family member it was her idea and I just liked it. The possibilities are endless in what I might create.

3. What does your shop specialize in? What is your favorite item to make?
I specialize in making hooded towels for children. However adults and dogs like them just as much! I also make tote bags and blankets. My favorite though is the towels!

4. How do you get inspiration and ideas for items to make?

Inspiration for my ideas just come to me or they are dreamt up by my one of my four boys. They love to tell me something and then watch me create it on a towel.

5. How long does it take you to make items? When do you make your items mostly , what time of day? What do you do while creating something - tv on? music on?
It usually takes me about 1 1/2 hours to make a towel from start to finish. I like working on them any time of the day. Whenever my twins will allow me not to be at their beck in call! When I create I am usually listening to the twins play right under my feet. Which can be challenging as I am using a sewing machine.

6. Take me step by step through sending someone's package to them.. what speial things do you include in there ? How do you wrap them up? Do you get nervous when you send packages to people?
How do I wrap? Well I love having the gift all ready to be gifted so I have plain brown bags that I put them in, all the customer needs to add is tissue paper if they want. I attach my business card with some pretty ribbon and voila it is ready to be gifted. I only get nervous when they are very particular, when they design the whole thing including material. If they give me the ability to just create I just love it. Give me the basics and I will create something you are sure to love!

7. What is your success rate?How many orders so far? 
Success rate I would say is pretty good right now as I have been non stop busy since september.  

Throughout the year I was having at least one towel a week ordered. Almost 700 products have been created to date.

8. Why do you think people should buy homemade items? 
I think people should buy homemade because they are made with love and pride!!

9. What are your favorite homemade sellers to buy from?
My favorite homemade sellers to buy from are Crooked by Design I just love her stuff! Also I have face wash that I just can't live without its Just Bee sold at Glow in york. Etsy is great!

10. How does your business allow you to be a great mother?

My business allows me to be a great mom because I can stay home with my boys. I am at their beck in call. Ok really is that good I don't know but I just love being home with them. They grow so fast and before I know It they won't want me.

11. What do you think would surprise readers to know about you?
I think readers would be surprised to know that not only do I have my own business but so does my husband Witham and Son Builders and I am his secretary. Along with taking care of our 12 yrs old 8yr old and 5yr old twins! I always wanted to be a mother and have my own childcare business. I went to school for childcare but right out of high school I got a degree in business and photography then childcare.  

I love life and want everyone to experience happiness. I think there is happiness in each item I create!

12. What is the coolest thing you've ever created? Why?
The coolest thing I created was actually quite simple and was just a week ago. I make a captain americas shield. One of my twins saw it and as they ask many times "who is that for mommy"? This time I told him it wasn't for anyone in particular it was for the craft fair for someone to just buy it if they like it. Well he then told me ok then I'm going to get my wallet and buy it. Needless to say it will be under the tree on Christmas!

P.S... think Valentines Day, Easter, and birthdays. All are great holidays to give towels.


Phone(207) 337-5242
price range $30-$50

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