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Saturday, December 21, 2013

holiday treats for the sitters

Many of you have posted in the Mommy Stories Facebook discussion group asking for ideas on what to give your babysitters, daycare providers, and school teachers for a holiday gift to thank them for their hard work and dedication to your little ones.

Here are a few ideas I found:

I made trail mix for my son's preschool teachers. He's there three days a week and there are three teachers.  I gave them each a bottle of hand soap with a note that read, "Thanks for wiping my runny nose and for helping me with potty training this year!" They thought that was really cute!

The trail mix was super easy and delicious, and made way more than for just the three teachers. We had enough leftover at home, as well as for me to give some to my co-workers and boss. Very simple and honestly you can add anything you prefer to it.

Here's my recipe this time around: (I make it different each time!)
yogurt covered raisins
banana chips
honey peanuts
peanut butter M&Ms
mint M&Ms

Just mix together and put in small plastic bags.

For our babysitter, who is more like a grandmother, we do a lot more since she watches both of our children, and our daughter is there daily. We've known her for four years, so she's pretty special to us. We give her a gift certificate to a restaurant and a photo type of gift each year. Last year we made her a photo book. This year we made her a photo calendar from Shutterfly. She loved it! I included photos of all the kids she watches, not just my own.

Other ideas: (found tons of inspiration from Pinterest!)
*Dunkin Donuts gift cards

*gift card to Target, Wal-Mart, Michaels... for new teacher supplies

*comfy things like bubble bath, lotion, candle to relax

*baked goods

*gift card to a book store

*something for the classroom... a game, a new toy, art supplies, etc.

*homemade hand soap, cleaning spray, etc. to wash away those kid germs

*coffee mug or big water bottle with their name or initials on it

*iTunes gift card with a note "an apple for the teacher"

*Sharpie markers or whiteboard markers... teachers never have enough of those!

*new books for the classroom

*plant with a note "thanks for helping me grow this year"

*homemade hot cocoa mix

*homemade ornament with their name on it

*art supply "cake" like diaper cakes, made with markers, crayons, glue sticks, etc.

*Starbucks gift card with note that reads "thanks a latte"

Just be creative or even simple... either way, your children's caregivers will appreciate the thought. I always encourage a nice hand-written, thoughtful note including specific things you appreciate that they do.... having your child cleaned up before going in the car with you after playing in the sand or giving your child extra snacks they bake on special occasions. Thank them... it goes a long way toward their care with your child. It's a big job what they are doing. Make sure whatever you do, it's sincere.

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