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Sunday, December 1, 2013

ho, ho, holiday stories!

I saw online this awesome idea to make an Advent book countdown to Christmas. For every day of the month of December, kids get to read a new book! I love this idea, because I'm obsessed with books and spend a lot of time in the summer and fall finding great deals at library book sales on stories for less than $1 each!

Online, the idea was to wrap each book individually. I thought that was too much waste of wrapping paper and time for me, so instead I intend to have them unwrapped.

Then I considered hiding them every night before bed, but realized we're also doing Elf on a Shelf and that would be WAY too much thinking and hiding of things before bed time for my husband and I. So we're leaving a stack of books on top of the book shelf upstairs near their rooms, so it's easy to pick one each night before bed time for one story.

I also wanted to keep this new Christmas tradition to be something simple, easy, fun, and also cheap. I didn't want it to become something I had to put a ton of effort into, or become "one more thing" we had to do this busy time of year. So easy and simple was the game plan.

I went through all of our books, searching for Christmas and winter books. Those, along with new ones I found at library sales recently, will be the 24 books we read, one a night in December. My kids are 3 and 1 years old, so they won't notice that we own some of these books already. It may not work with older kids, but this works for us this year.

I'm excited, tonight is our first night with this tradition starting! I think this would make a great baby shower gift or 1st Christmas gift. 

Here are a few of our Christmas and winter books, to give you some ideas:

Jan Brett books are amazing! The pictures are so beautiful. These books make great gifts. We received them at our baby showers. 

The Polar Express is a must-have holiday book to have at home. I adore this movie, but the book is really special, too. This makes a great first Christmas present, too, my son was given it for his first Christmas. 

My Penguin Osbert is our all-time favorite story ever! It's about a boy who asks for a real, live penguin for Christmas... and then regrets it after realizing how difficult it is having a real animal at home. It's a cute story with adorable pictures.

Auntie Claus is a random book I found at a library book sale. It's hilarious. Girls will love this!

These are two religious Christmas books we have. I love them both because they are simple and short, but very sweet and definitely show the real meaning behind Christmas.

The Secret of Santa's Island is hilarious! It's about what Santa Claus, the elves and reindeer do on their vacation, after Christmas. It's so cute.

My Special Christmas Adventure is really cute. It's one of those books you can have specially made for your child with his name in it. My son's babysitter made this for him on his first Christmas. A great gift!

Of course, you have to have 'Twas the Night Before Christmas in your library! We intend to read these ones on Christmas Eve. The bottom one is a traditional story. The top one is a more modern one with flashy pictures and pop-ups. Love this!

Hope you enjoy the holidays and reading stories these next few weeks. I'd love to hear what your favorite holiday stories are, especially those about Hanukkah, I haven't found any yet about this Jewish holiday. I'm searching for some more at the library, too!

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