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Sunday, December 22, 2013

getting creative with cards

One of my favorite things about the holidays are the cards that come in the mail. It seems like nobody sends snail mail anymore, so when we get an abundance of adorable picture cards or hand-written notes, it makes me smile! I honestly get excited driving up to the mailbox to see what's in it.

But then it becomes a frustration ever year to me of WHERE to put those things! We get many, many cards! In the past I've stuck them on windowsills, covering each other, so you can barely see them. They always fell down. Then I'd put them on the fridge with magnets, the kids took those down.

This year I was in search of something new to do with the cards.

I was taking photos at someone's house and saw she had strung up some yarn or ribbon across her living room doorway and then hung each card by a paperclip. GENIUS! She said she thinks maybe she saw it online somewhere. I love this idea! It's working so well at our house. I used ribbon and tacks, then just paperclips to keep them up. This way also there is no tape ruining them for later, and they are not falling down.

My sister-in-law puts them in her Christmas tree - another genius idea, they look so cute there like ornaments!

When you're done with the cards....
My co-worker told me when she's done with her Christmas cards she cuts them into smaller pieces, just cutting out the pictures, and collages them onto a scrapbook page in a scrap book. I LOVE that idea! I'm never sure what to do with all of those Christmas pictures of my adorable nieces and nephews, I can't bear throwing them in the trash. So this year I'm going to do this. I'm not a scrapbooker by any means, but I can definitely glue them onto a single page without embellishments, to make a book the kids can look through every year. What a cute idea!

I've also taken the regular holiday cards and cut them in half, to take off the card cover that no writing is on. I keep those card covers for my kids to write notes to each other or to use for next Christmas for teachers, or kids to send to their grandparents, etc. They are fun for the kids to play with and a way to teach them to recycle something.

Sending cards
When sending cards I always find great deals on the Shutterfly home page. I make them early. This one below I made in July! Sometimes you’ll see a fun offer for holiday cards at different times of the year. We only send out a few picture cards, to our immediate family, then I send regular holiday cards to many others. It's a happy-medium for our budget. I don't see the point in sending picture cards to everyone we know, considering how expensive they are and how quickly people put them up then take them down typically. So we keep it simple.

I think with anything else at Christmas time, you have to do what works for you with holiday cards. I know some people who post a family photo dressed in pajamas or out in the snow, on Facebook or via an email message, that's their holiday card. I also received an email this week from a friend with "year in review" thoughts on things they had done that year, how their 2013 had been, that was her Christmas card. I've also received similar letters in January, way after Christmas.

Do what works for you! If you like sending cards, make a budget and plan ahead. Have fun with it!


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