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Saturday, October 5, 2013

a C-section story - Erica Wright

Thank you to Erica Wright for sharing her story about her C-section! A great story of total acceptance of something that went in a different direction than she planned... being put out for the birth, 39 + hours of labor... quite a story of strength!

What was your birth like that turned into a C-section?
I woke at 2:30 am Monday June 10th with contractions every 5 minutes. Sat in bed til 3 am then decided to call the hospital. They wanted me to head in because if I was progressing they needed to start the penicillin for the baby because I tested high for strep b. I was 2 cm when I got there. I walked and got in the tub and by 9 am nothing had changed. They sent me home. I saw my ob that afternoon. He stripped my membranes which then the contractions were stronger. At 8:30 pm I decided to try the yoga ball at home. It helped!

I went to bed at 9 pm but was in a ton more pain. By 11 pm I called the hospital and they wanted me back. I was still only 2 cm. because I hadn't slept in almost 24 hours they tried giving me morphine to sleep. I ended up sick. I got back in the tub and by 8 am June 11th I was finally admitted. I was at 3-4 cm by 10 am and because I hadn't slept in over a day and was exhausted I finally gave in and got an epidural.

At noon I was checked and I was 6 cm. they broke my water at that point. When I was moved down the bed to have my water broken the tape holding in my epidural pulled off as did the port. Therefore I started feeling my contractions again and I then had to go through round two of getting an epidural. At 5 pm.....39 hours into labor the doctor came in and I was 10 cm and started pushing for an hour prior to that they were keeping a very close eye on the baby because every time I contracted her heartbeat disappeared but when the contraction stopped it did come back.

I pushed for an hour and the heartbeat issue was still happening and I wasn't progressing with labor. The decision was made for a c-section. I was rolled down to the OR at 7 pm and at 7:25 pm (41 hours into labor) my beautiful baby girl was born.

Because I was able to feel all they were doing to me during surgery, regardless of the meds I was given I was put out and wasn't awake for the birth of my first child.

2. What did it feel like to think your birth experience would be one way, and have it turn into another way?
I remember thinking how totally fine I was with things progressing towards a c-section. I didn't care which way she came as long as she was fine and healthy. 

The part that I didn't expect was being put out for her delivery. I was happy don't get me wrong but when you have a picture in your mind of you pushing, the baby being pulled out, hearing her first cry and having her put on you immediately when born and thinking about all the amazing emotions of seeing her come out and then to be put to sleep for her delivery it's hard to come to terms with it all.

Now, when I look back I feel okay with the feelings and I truly believe I am much stronger of a woman for going through all I did.

3. What was going through your head as they said it had to be a C-section ?
I was actually 100% on board from the moment they said it. I was concerned for the health of my baby and after spending many years trying for her I at that point didn't care how she came just as long as she was healthy. I never really felt mad or angry. I just wanted her out and safely in our arms.

4. What do you remember about the actual surgery and moments after?
You really don't want to know what I remember from the surgery.......I remember being wheeled down to the OR and thinking "wow there are soooooooo many people in the room!"

I remember them moving me from one bed to the other and being strapped down to it. My husband came in at sat beside me at my head. I remember telling my husband that I couldn't stop shivering, which was all a side effect of the meds to numb everything. Then I started feeling everything they were doing to get her out of my birth canal. She was very far down and they did a lot of stretching me to get her out. I remember telling my husband and the anesthesiologist that I could feel everything. They gave me two more doses into my epidural line and because I was still feeling all they were doing and screaming in pain they told us they had no choice at that time but to put me out.

I remember them putting the mask over my face and saying "take three big breaths" I don't believe I got to #1. I woke. The recovery room 2 hours after at 9:30 pm.

5. What challenges did you experience with C-secion and/or recovery?
Refer part of my answer to the answer above.......recovery was hard when I was confined to my bed the whole next day and a half. I was hooked to a catheter and wasn't allowed out of bed. I had to rely on my husband and my mother to help with the baby. The only thing I could do was feed her and hold her. The hard thing is once home I was pretty much confined to the living room all day. We were in the hospital 5 days and that was the only time my husband got off. I came home and immediately was on my own everyday. I still had staples and wasn't allowed to drive or pick up anything but my child for two weeks. It's very hard when you are all by yourself all day.

6. What things did you not like about a C-section?
Believe it or not I didn't dislike having it I disliked the staples, the confined to the bed for a whole day and the two weeks of restrictions after.

7. What did you find was a good thing about C-sections?
I don't know if I have anything good to say about the c-section situation I was presented with. I think going further the plus side would have to be the planned birth.

8. What is your advice for someone going into a vaginal birth? I know it's cliche but staying calm and as relaxed as possible was huge for me. You have to totally trust not only your doctor but your nurses. They won't steer you wrong. They are there for any questions you have and are at your disposal 100%.

9. What is your advice for someone recovering from a C-section? What helped you the most?
Even though I wasn't planning to have a c-section I still wish I would have learned a little more about them and what they entail before and after. 

My advice is to have as many family members or friends on board to help. The limitations they put on you and the soreness you have don't allow you to be at 100% for awhile. I had no one to stay with me the first full week I was home and it was difficult seeing as I couldn't do anything around the house and even just getting a shower in was difficult. Here you have a newborn, trying to breast feed, and also care for yourself all while trying to catch 5 minutes of sleep is very difficult.

10. Will you have another C-section if you have more babies? If so, what will you do to prepare yourself? Yes, any more children will be planned c-sections. This time I know what I am getting into and will definitely have family lined up, especially with a toddler running around.

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