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Saturday, September 14, 2013

cloth diapers 101 - Green Earth Baby Works diaper service

Another episode of the Cloth Diapers 101 series...

I stumbled upon Green Earth Baby Works and Kim Leo's site when someone in a cloth group on Facebook asked about a diaper service for cloth. Kim shared some great info about this awesome service for cloth diapering mamas in the southern Maine area. She has a neat store also. Check it out!

THANKS to Kim for sharing your info.

(All photos from Kim Leo)

Why did you want to start this diaper service and business? 
I started the diaper service to fill a need.  

Many parents would love to cloth diaper but do not either have the time or resources to wash the diapers.  

The reason that I started my cloth diaper store was to help parents find alternatives to disposables. My oldest was allergic to the chemicals in disposable diapers.

What is your advice to moms just starting out with cloth diapering? 

For moms just starting out, keep it simple.  

It is hard trying to figure out what style of diaper that will fit your families needs on line. Being able to touch feel and see the diapers many times will change a parents' choice.

What do moms love about your cloth diaper service? 
Moms love the diaper service because we wash, dry and bring it back to them clean. We do the dirty work for them. For busy families it is nice not having to do the extra loads of diaper laundry each week.

Can you briefly explain how the service works? 
For our diaper service we wash dry and bring it back clean for $25/week.  

The dirty diapers you give us one week you will get back clean the next. So each customer has their own rotating supply of diapers.
Newborns will get 80 diapers a week for a total of 160 diapers Small diapers will get 70 diapers a week for a total of 140 diapers Medium diapers will get 60 diapers a week for a total of 120 diapers Large diapers will get 50 diapers a week for a total of 100 diapers.

We can add in cloth wipes for an extra $5/wk

Why do you think cloth is the way to go with baby diapers?

The reason that I love cloth diapers is ease of use, less chemicals near the babies skin, less chemicals and fecal matter in our land fills and babies tend to potty train sooner in cloth diapers.

What are MUST-HAVE products moms need to get started with cloth? 
The must have items for cloth diapering are diaper sprayers, wet bags, cloth safe diaper cream and cloth safe detergent for washing at home.

What else does your shop offer ?
In store we have a full line of cloth diapers, accessories, baby carriers, diaper bags, baby skin care, reusable snack bags, stainless steal lunch boxes, and toys.
We offer weekly moms groups and special workshops monthly. Each month we offer a cloth 101 class on Saturdays. We also work with parents individually when they come into the store to find items that will work best for their families.

Great info!
Do you know of another local southern Maine/New Hampshire area diaper service? Let me know!

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