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Thursday, September 19, 2013

a C-section story - Shirley Baird Fiske

Earlier this summer I asked for those who experienced a Cesarean-section birth to email me and share their experience with others. I had two C-sections myself, and I was terrified beforehand. I didn't know many women who had gone through what I did, so I thought by asking other mommas to share their experiences it could help moms be a little more prepared for a C-section if things end up that way. Of course we can never predict births, right? Hope this helps!

If you had a C-section and want to share your experience, please email me at 

(All photos from Shirlie Baird Fiske)

Thank you to Shirlie for sharing her story about her C-section!

Having a planned C-Section was awesome for me! 

It allowed me to mentally prepare with specific information as far as times, what the procedure would entail, etc. 

What is your advice for someone having a planned C-section?
Set an alarm so you can wake up and eat something the night/morning of the "last meal" before surgery. Bring a nightgown rather than pants if you want to wear something other than the hospital gown-makes going to the bathroom that much easier! Bring high waisted underwear so the elastic band isn't sitting right on the incision, although the mesh hospital panties were pretty comfy; wear make-up if you want to look refreshed in your pics! 

What is your advice for someone having an unplanned C-section?
I would say try not to get to psyched if it's not in your birth plan. 

The fact that doctors are able to deliver babies safely via CS if there is difficulty greatly outweighs the chances that something could go very wrong if they continue to deliver vaginally. 

Try to look at it in a positive light rather than allowing it to be a negative experience. Once that little baby is in your arms, nothing else in the world will matter! 

What was scary or the worst part about your C-section?
I don't think I had any scary moments, but the worst part of the CS was the anticipation while getting prepped. 

I was shaking like crazy with nerves and after getting hooked up to monitors and the IV, we had to wait about a half hour before heading to the OR. That half hour seemed like 4 hours!

What was positive about having a planned C-section?
For me, there were many cool things about having a planned CS-I had a specific day/time to be ready for. I was able to have a fresh shower and put on a little make-up before heading to the hospital. The procedure went exactly how my dr. told me it would, they gave me the epidural before the catheter so I didn't feel a thing on that! (My sister's dr. did it the the other way around, which she said wasn't pleasant), and knowing that my breech baby would be delivered safely was the best part. 

How was your recovery?
My recovery was very smooth. I didn't have any complications, thank God! I think one of the things that helped me in the hospital and the first week home was that we didn't have the stress of visitors. We didn't live near family at the time, so no one planned to come visit until after we were home. Having the time to relax and spend time as just our little family was great for us. 

What is your advice for recovering in the hospital?
Also, don't be afraid to let your baby spend some time in the nursery while you and your SO sleep. You're not a bad mom if you don't want to spend every second with your new baby! You need to get rest so when you are spending time with your baby you are alert and can take it all in. 

To a mom experiencing a C-section, take it easy. 

Hold your baby as much as you can, but don't feel bad if you need to put them down so you can take care of yourself. Use shower time as a time to relax and recoup. Use pillows in bed, on the couch, wherever you may be laying or sitting-getting up and down will be almost torture those first few days.

Take lots of pictures!!! Even if they're all when baby is sleeping, they will change in a blink of an eye and you'll say to yourself in a month or two that you can't even fathom them being that little. 

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