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Sunday, September 29, 2013

a C-section story - Katie Morrill

Thanks to Katie Morrill for her awesome account of her C-section with her adorable little one! I love seeing first-day, brand new baby photos! These are some great ones. 

All photos from Katie Morrill

1. What was your birth like that turned into a C-section?
I was a scheduled for an induction due to high blood pressure and being past my due date. After 2 days of labor my labor failed to progress and they saw she was not able to move into my pelvis.

2. What did it feel like to think your birth experience would be one way, and have it turn into another way?
I was nervous about labor whether natural or c section but happy that they were going to go ahead and do one as I was very uncomfortable even with an epidural.
3. What was going through your head as they said it had to be a C-section ? 
Somewhat relief that labor would be over.
4. What do you remember about the actual surgery and moments after?
Actual surgery I was having a panic attack feeling like I couldn't breathe, vomiting while laying down and uncontrollable trembling from adrenaline that had started.
5. What challenges did you experience with C-secion and/or recovery?

Recovery has been very painful unable to do much but feeling like I have to do everything.

6. What things did you not like about a C-section?
Being awake during it was very scary and healing is awful and not having milk come in soon enough which made it impossible to feed her also my swelling got 10 times worse.

7. What did you find was a good thing about C-sections?
She was out very quickly and no fear of her getting stuck or other complications.

8. What is your advice for someone going into a vaginal birth?

Always be prepared things can change and turn out different than what you planned.

9. What is your advice for someone having a planned C-section?
Healing takes a long time and make sure you have a support system of family and friends to help you once you're home.

10. What is your advice for someone recovering from a C-section? What helped you the most? 
Don't feel bad asking people to help you. Try not to do everything yourself.

11. What did you not expect with a C-section that happened? 
Such a long recovery and breast feeding problems.

CUTEST little thumb-sucker ever :)
12. Anything else you want to add?
One more thing, everyone wants to see the baby when you look and feel like you got hit by a bus and take all these great pics without you in them cuz you're stuck in bed and can't move right after the c section!

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