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Friday, August 2, 2013

July summer fun

Here is a roundup of all the fun my little family had this past month in July. 
What a busy, fun, sunny summer we're having! 

We started off the month over the Fourth of July weekend by going up to see my dad on an island off the coast of northern Maine. He's a lobsterman, so this was all kinds of sea life and ocean air FUN.

My daughter was totally unphased by lobsters, she loved them!

I just typed and then deleted "camping" for the title, but when you do it in the front yard, bathroom steps away, only for one night, it's not really camping is it? So we tented in the yard at my dad's on the island. Perfect, gorgeous summer night. We have a huge tent. Kids had a hard time settling in at first, but then succumbed to the overtired-ness and slept perfectly, even an hour later than normal! Score! I tossed and turned on the hard ground all night, but it's all good. We've been wanting to camp out for years, so it was fun. Not sure I could do it for more than a night though with the little kids around, but hey, it was a fun experience.

We made it to one of York's fun beaches, Short Sands. We try to go here early in the summer because otherwise it gets SO busy from tourists staying in town. We managed to go on THE perfect day - tons of parking, a breeze, not too hot, open blanket spaces and low tide, warm water. It was so perfect I even stayed well into nap time, which I usually don't like to do. The kids had a blast! I recommend this beach because it has bathrooms, arcade, bowling alley, restaurants and stores, a great playground, open grass area for kite flying or playing, rocks to dig in for sea creatures, and basketball hoops : something for everyone! But again, it's BUSY, so go early in the day or season.

Shout out for reusable swim diapers! Isn't that the cutest behind you've ever seen?! So cute :) 

I'm originally from York, Maine, so we spend a lot of time there visiting family. Wiggley Bridge is a must-see when you visit. A quick, easy, free event for kids that's just plain FUN. A short walk to a bridge that wiggles, that's about it. But it's super fun. I couldn't wait to take my son. He's obsessed now, always asking me to take him there.

My son LOVED soccer camp for the first time. We played in Kittery for a week, 45 minutes a day. He got his own shirt and soccer ball. It was really fun. He got a little sidetracked when family came to cheer him on, because he was so excited to see them, but otherwise the 45 minutes was a good length of time for those crazy 3 year olds. So much fun!

This is one of the NICEST beaches I've ever been to! It's near Bath, Maine. Big open space, nice bathrooms with showers outside to rinse off the sand at the end of the day, cost $4 to get in and kids were free. The sand is soft, tons of tide pools and a cool rock to climb on when the tide goes out. It was a perfect day!

I randomly stumbled upon a notice about Open Farm Day the last weekend in July from a Facebook post by MacDougal's Orchard in Springvale, ME. Love that place, we pick our apples there every fall! They had free cider donuts and cookies, apple cider, playground, goats and bunnies to check out, and a great big grass area for a picnic we packed. It was a perfect sunny day, light breeze. We had a fun morning. I hope I catch up with this again next summer. My son even got to sit on the tractor!

Honestly, this is one reason I love Facebook ... when you "like" various organization and business page photos you get info about awesome and even free ideas and events for the kids to have fun at. Open Farm Day was one. We had a blast!

Hope you're enjoying your summer.

I wrote this on my Facebook status yesterday on the first day of August. Remember to ENJOY and SAVOR the last bits of summer. We have a whole month left. Make it count :)

Dear August, 
I know you come in all hot and like a lion, ready to take over and fast forward us to fall. But I'm having fun with my 2 littles, husband and family and friends this summer so I don't want you rushing things toward September. Usually when 8/1 creeps up on the calendar I start to panic , making lists of things I have to finish before school starts again. Things like freeze meals, clean under the couches, get out the fall clothes, clean the car, and buy a planner for the next school year, organize lesson plans for groups and start checking my email frequently again. This summer, I'm thinking I'm not ready for all that preparation, not yet anyway. So, August, chill out, and slow down, and please take your time to get to Labor Day. The Averys have a bit more fun to be had, a lot more ice creams to eat and beaches to visit this summer!
 Sincerely, A mom enjoying summer vacation

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