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Friday, August 2, 2013

diary of a first-time cloth diaper mom - gDiapers

This is part 3 of our Cloth Diapers 101 series. Check out the other two in July's archive! :)

We made it a week of using cloth diapers part of the time! Yay! What an experiment it was.

I quickly realized the regular cloth pocket diapers were not going to be my staple. I didn't like the work I had to put in to clean them and avoid the stink. They were super cute and soft, but I thought I could keep looking for something that may work.

I have MANY awesome moms who use the regular cloth diapers and have great tips to share, so I'll be posting their thoughts and advice soon, stay tuned. I have nothing against those regular pocket cloth diapers, just not my style I think. I'm so excited to give you other moms' perspectives though, so more coming soon.

For me though...

On to gDiapers! 
LOVE THEM so far. 

g in gDiapers stands for: (from the gDiapers Web site)
genuine and real with everyone we encounter. We call it Fair Dinkum.

green because we love babies and we love the planet. It's our home, afterall.

groovy, thriving, ground-breaking company out to change the world of diapers.

gorgeous, fun, fashionable and functional in our approach to all our products.

giggle, smile and play, finding balance between work and life along the way.

giddy about sunflowers, days at the beach and play dates in the sandbox.

grassroots in our approach toward making a difference and building community.

growing up fast. On-site daycare gives us more time with our little ones.

grateful and humbled by everyone who believes in and supports gDiapers.

gazing toward the future, as we look toward making gDiapering more convenient, more fun and more sustainable.

gDiapers happy baby happy planet.

I have to admit I was drawn to them because they are the most adorable, and seemed the easiest for a new-to-cloth-and-super-busy-mom to try!

But also, they seemed more practical for my busy, working out of the home, on the go ALL the time, and already buried in too much laundry type of lifestyle.

I picked up some disposable inserts at Babies-R-Us. They were 32 for $15. I got $5 off with a coupon so not bad. I also picked up a package of 6 gDiapers pouches snap pants that go inside the diaper. Those were $20.  I already had two brand new gDiapers that I got from a mom on a swap for $20.

My daughter was adorable wearing her first little g pant (that's what they call the outside diaper cover that come in various bright colors, gpants.) She was tugging at it on her waist though. She seemed to notice this was different versus the other cloth diapers we used last week that she didn't even see a difference with.

She went to bed in her gDiaper and was totally fine, no leaks!

The next day she used the same gDiaper pant (outside diaper cover) for 4 different diaper changes, no leaks, no smell, no issue. All of those diapers were pee ones, so perhaps if poop it would have been slightly different. I didn't even need to change the plastic snap inside, that was fine also. I'm not even washing it now, just hanging it out in the sun for some air. All I had to do for each change was take out the disposable insert.

Here's the low-down on gDiapers:

Here is how they come packaged. They also come two in a box at Babies-R-Us.
They are about $15 each. I scored this one for $10 from a mom on a mama swap on Facebook, never opened.

You can buy them at Babies-R-Us,,,,, and other locations.

You can also buy directly from gDiapers at their Web site:

TONS of good info on their site, including videos of how to put them on, change them, etc.

Aren't the bright colors so fun?!

Here is the inside of a gDiaper.
They have writing on the back so you know which side goes to the behind and which is the front. I love this, because no other diapers I have found do this, so that was a little complicated at first to figure out with other cloth. The velcro tabs go in the back also.

The inside is a plastic-feeling but not plastic material, waterproof pouch they call it. It is SUPER easy to rinse off under water if anything gets on it. In at least 8 diaper changes now with these diapers I've only had to rinse ONE of these pouches under water quickly to get something off it.

These are the disposable inserts that go on top of that plastic-looking pouch. These are HUGE. I didn't think they'd actually fit inside the pouch, but they do. You just move them around to get them fitting nicely. They cover everything. My daughter has not leaked through one of these yet, even during nap and overnight wetting.

These were $15 for 32 inserts at Babies-R-Us. They have two different sizes of these - newborn/smalls and then these ones that fit M/L/XL gPants.

This is what a stuffed gDiaper looks like with the pouch and insert ready to go.
They also sell cloth inserts for gDiapers. I have not tried those yet.

After use, you rip apart the insert (tabs on the sides) and toss into your toilet, compost or trash. It takes 50-150 days to biodegrade in the ground, versus 500 years + for a single disposable diaper. Crazy!

Mine have gotten stuck in the toilet the several times I flushed them, so still working the kinks out and figuring out how this all works well. But even as I tossed them in the trash bucket, I felt much better about it than disposable ones because they break down hundreds of years faster, better for the environment. 

These are the boxes the gPant pouches come in. You want extras of these, I'm told, so that you can change out these and the inserts instead of the whole gPant outside diaper cover. So far in a few days of diaper changes I've not had to change a single outside diaper cover.

This box of pouches of 6 cost $20 at Babies-R-Us.

That is one HUGE pro to these gDiapers... you need to buy fewer diapers. I think 4 would be ideal for us doing this even full time, versus other cloth you need the same amount of diapers as you do diaper changes since they go through each individual diaper each wet.

What I LOVE about gDiapers:
*They are cotton cloth. They are super soft, but thinner material than the other cloth diapers I'd used last week. They don't fit tightly when I put my daughter's pants or shorts on, they seem to fit more the same thickness as a disposable diaper.

*Bright colors- hello, adorable!?!

*The disposable insert changes color to yellow so you can visibly see that she peed and it's dirty. Whereas last week with the other pocket cloth diapers I used I could not tell at all if she peed in it or how much because it did not turn color on the first layer or even to the second much, and since they are stuffed with two layers they are fuller anyway so already feel like she peed the second she wears it. It was more challenging to figure out if it needed to be changed. Luckily I know my daughter's routine with peeing now that she's over a year so it was easier for me to know she needed to be changed.

*Their Web site - TONS of information, videos, online people live to chat with you and answer your questions.

*Less stink. Even changing my daughter's poop diaper there was NO mess. It was like changing my son's accident in his underwear. You just tossed the poop in the toilet (where it should go anyway, right?), move on. The diaper was not touched at all, it could be used again, just got rid of the insert. LOVE less mess!

*You use less ... which means less buying, less money for the diapers and also less washing. Less washing is a great thing for busy moms.

*They dry quicker hang dry or in the sun outside than the other stuffed pocket cloth diapers seemed to. I left the other cloth outside for an entire day in the sun and it still wasn't dry, whereas gDiapers are thinner material so they dried much sooner.

What's CHALLENGING about gDiapers:
*People must either not use them much or love them so they don't get rid of them, but they are one of the harder ones to find cheap or on swaps so you typically have to buy them full price.

*Expensive... the diapers themselves are $15, so not bad compared to other diapers, but then you have to buy extra plastic snap inserts and then disposable or cloth inserts as well to go with them, which add up. The disposable inserts are much more expensive than buying the Luvs disposable diapers we buy (120 diapers for $29.99 at BJ's Wholesale Club in New Hampshire versus $15 for 32 disposable gDiapers inserts ... do the math, not equivalent). This is my biggest concern and disappointment. I'm not sure our budget will allow me to continue using these if I can't find a cheaper option for buying the inserts.

*Not snaps, just velcro. Not sure if this will become a problem, if the velcro will hold up or start to pull apart after time. Still need to wait this one out. I do prefer the snap system of pocket diapers I used last week, they are more comfy for the baby - no chance of rubbing against her like the velcro could. I also feel they'd hold up more than velcro.

*No one size fits all. I love the snap diapers I have from Alva and Bum Genius because those fit any size baby. You could do newborn to potty training toddler. That's just practical, saves money and time and storage space in your house. gDiapers are small, medium and large/XL. That means buying twice as many diapers, which could add up.

*Takes a minute longer to change and deal with the poop after. But I think this is honestly because I'm just not used to it yet. 


Hoping to interview some mommas who use gDiapers for more tips. 
If you or someone you know does, please email me at :)

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  1. This post is really interesting, because when I first started my research on cloth, I stumbled on gDiapers and thought they were SUCH a great idea, especially since my husband's first reaction was no way was he doing cloth, gross! This systems seemed easy, convenient, and you know, not as gross. However, I quickly did the math and realized how expensive it would be to both get going with and continue with them, since you have to do different sizes. And since we don't know 100% if they'll work for our baby... I'm still not convinced either way... it seems like you had a great experience but not sure if it would justify investing in & trying these over other types of cloth.