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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

cloth diapers 101 - say what?! & buying

Part 2 of our Cloth Diapers 101 series 
- a few terms to explain the sometimes confusing cloth diapering info... 

When I started researching info about cloth diapering I found the terminology to be super confusing. What the heck was AIO and what on earth is a "stash" related to diapers?! I felt like I was the only one who didn't know the terms the moms were using. So to help some moms new to cloth have an easier time at it, here are some definitions explaining a little more about cloth diapers.

P.S. I'm NO expert! These definitions are lose ones at best, just based on info I found from mom groups from real moms and tried to decipher on my own :) 

AIO - All In Ones - Cloth diapers that are all attached. The outside diaper cover, the inside diaper liner are attached, the liner does not come apart. You wash the parts together. Some moms prefer this because it's easier when washing, drying and putting back together because all pieces are attached, nothing gets lost.

De-Stash- A term moms use on the Swapping groups to trade or sell their bundle of cloth diapers after they are done using them.

Diaper Sprayer - A sprayer that is similar to the one on your kitchen sink. It's attached to your toilet to make disposing of poopy diapers easier in the toilet. I've been told it's a must-have if you do cloth, especially as babies get older and poop gets bigger with eating solid foods. 

Fitteds - Look similar to disposable diapers in how they fit but are soft and fuzzy. They typically need to be used with a diaper cover (thin cloth material that velcros to fasten). These seem to be more work to me because you have two separate pieces to put together. Many moms love them tough.

Fluff - Another term for cloth diapers. It's an affectionate term, I've seen t-shirts saying "I love fluff!"

Inserts- The cloth liner that goes inside the cloth diapers. This is the part that fits against the baby's skin and that she pees on. They sell reusable cloth ones that you wash, or disposable ones you toss in the toilet that are biodegradable.
          Inserts can be microfiber, bamboo, hemp, cotton.

One Size - Means they fit all size babies. These mainly have snaps to secure them onto baby, the snaps adjust to various sizes of baby as she grows. Other diapers may use velcro to fasten together. Some diaper brands (like gDiapers) are sold by size (small, medium, large or 3.0, 4.0 for Bum Genius), whereas other cloth diapers are sold as One Size or All Sizes, meaning they adjust to your baby as she grows (this seems to me to be more cost effective, yet they are more expensive to purchase individually).

Pockets- Diapers that have an opening at the top - a pocket - for you to stuff the liner into. Bum Genius, Charlie Banana, Alva .... make these types of diapers. The liner and diaper cover are not attached, they are separate pieces. This allows you to stuff the pocket with more than one insert for overnight when babies typically pee more amounts, to avoid leaking.

Pre-folds- These are diaper wraps/covers that have velcro typically to fasten them. Inside goes a cloth that you fold yourself into thirds it seems works best. These look like burp cloths that some use for babies with feeding. They are held together sometimes with Snappis or pins to keep the pre-fold cloth insert in place before you cover it with the outside wrap.

Prepped- Some diaper inserts need to be prepared before you can use them. This is a process of washing the inserts several times - 2 to 5 or so times - so the absorb enough water / urine when they are used.

Stash- One's bundle of cloth diapers.

Stripping- A process of eliminating laundry detergent or urine smell build up in the cloth inserts. Involves washing several times, keeping in a pool of water, sometimes boiling them on the stove, etc. 

Sunning- A term used for the process of putting your freshly washed, wet cloth diapers and inserts out on a line to dry in the sun. The sun's properties naturally cleans the stains out of diapers.

Wet bag - A bag that you place the used cloth diapers into. It zips up so it doesn't smell. These seem to be about $15-$30. You can buy these as small size for on the go (to fit about 4-6 diapers) or large, to fit inside a diaper pail.


Here are some more great definitions:

This site has pictures with its definitions, very helpful!

There are also a number of brands of cloth diapers. 
Here are a few: (the most popular that I have come to read about are Bum Genius, gDiapers, Charlie Banana, and Alva and Bummis).

Bum Genius
Charlie Banana
Bitti tutto 
Antsy Pants
Baby City
Itti Bitti d'Lish

Where do people purchase cloth diapers?
 I've heard of some buying diapers here at these sites listed below. If you know of more, please message me at :)

Many moms have purchased diapers directly from the company's Web site. So going to Bum Genius' site directly is how many have purchased them.

This site below I stumbled upon had TONS of awesome info describing the differences between various types of cloth diapers. GREAT info and you can purchase things there, too. - a new AWESOME baby shop in Acton, Maine - they ship all over though so check them out!

Babies-R-Us has gDiapers

Target sells Charlie Bananas

Facebook online mama swap groups such as these ones:

Cloth Diaper Swap
Maine Moms Cloth Diapers Swap N' Sell
Southern Maine Cloth Diaper Group - a store in Newmarket, New Hampshire (they also sell gently used diapers)
This is a company in Exeter, New Hampshire that offers a laundry service that will pick up and drop off your cloth diapers to your home. More info on their site and I'll be featuring them on the blog soon!

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