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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Mom of the Month - Robyn Estes

Robyn was nominated as our June Mom of the Month! 
She is one SUPER momma. I know her from church, growing up in the same hometown. She's one of those moms who every time I see her I think, "She has it so together, she's dedicated, awesome, fun, and someone I admire." She's the mom who announced she was having her third baby around the time I had my second, when I was thinking "oh man, two is hard, I am not sure I could ever do what we planned and have a third someday." She wrote to me saying, you just do it, and it's meant to be and amazing. 

Robyn's friend, Shelby, nominated her for this Mom of the Month, saying, " She is amazing.  Her husband works full time and she stays at home, but she is the busiest stay at home mom I've ever seen.  She does EVERYTHING for the household.  Interior and exterior. I've gone over there before and she's painting a room or nailing on baseboard or mowing the lawn.  She's insane with her projects, she doesn't let the kids slow her down at all.  She volunteers in her kids classrooms, hauls them all to the grocery store, signs them up for different extra curricula's so she is always on the go.  She never seems stressed, never seems tired and I've always admired how she goes above and beyond as a SAHM.  Even faced with now having 3, she's ready for it and I know won't slow down for even a second."

Congrats to Robyn! I am sure we can all learn something from her about living life to the fullest, loving fully, and enjoying our families. Read below for her answers to our interview questions:

1. Describe your children in 3-5 words.
Emily – Sassy, sweetheart, energetic, bright, creative.
Jack – Solid, bulldozer, hilarious, loud, sweet.
Brayden – Delicious, happy, funny, snuggly, cutestlittlethingever.

(All photos are from Robyn Estes)

2. When were your children born and where?
October 23, 2005, Wentworth Douglass, Dover, NH
August 25, 2008, York Hospital, York, ME
February 15, 2013, York Hospital, York, ME
3. How would you describe your pregnancy?
Typical and healthy. How I felt?? Miserable and uncomfortable the whole time. I am not a happy pregnant lady – I don’t glow and love every second of it like I hear some women say. I just want the baby out pretty much the whole time because I can’t move or sleep.
4. Describe yourself as a mom in 3-5 words.
Frazzled, exhausted, happy, challenged.
5. What type of mom do you hope your children think you were someday when they're old enough to tell you?
A hot mess of pure love. That no matter what, I always love him/her.
6. What things have you done as a mom that you're most proud of?
Piggy-backing off my last answer, that my children always know that I love them. No matter what. No matter how grumpy I am, no matter how tired, no matter how much I scream and yell, no matter what. I always love you. And so many times when I randomly tell my kids I love them (which I do about 1,000 times every day), they often respond, “I know”. The most important thing is love. I am most proud of that b/c at the end of the day, the rest is all secondary.
7. What have been the most difficult parts to being a mom?
Finding time for everything, especially as they get older. You want them to be able to do everything – soccer, dance, swimming, choir, baseball, Historical Society, play dates, guitar lessons, tennis, golf – but you also want them to just be able to play, have more time for reading & snuggling and also things like cleaning the house and doing the laundry, paying the bills. It’s exhausting and hard to find a good balance, and I’m pretty sure we haven’t found it and not sure we ever will.
8. What is your favorite baby product(s) that makes your mom job easier?
A binkie and a lovey – for my kids bear blankets. Without either or both I don’t think I would have made it because they needed something other than me to comfort them so they could sleep, sit in their swings, etc.
9. What advice about being a mom would you give to a brand new mother?
Go with your gut. Be confident enough to know that you know yourself and your baby better than anyone else. If s/he is sick and the ped is telling you they’re fine but you don’t think so, demand the antibiotics or say, chest x-ray or additional testing. If you feel your child is or isn’t ready for a new step in life like having his or her binkie or bottle taken away, being potty trained or entering into a new school, go with your gut and the signs your child is showing you. You and only you and your partner will know what’s right for your child so don’t second guess it - be confident in the fact that you know what’s best. Getting opinions and ideas from others can be helpful, but what has been right for them isn’t always right for you and don’t EVER let anyone make you think otherwise.

10. What is a typical day like for you?
The big kids are pretty much always up at around 6:30. During school it’s getting Emily ready for the bus to come at 8:15ish, then Jack needs to be dropped off to preschool at 9. Somewhere in there the baby needs to be fed but that depends on what time he gets up which is anywhere from 5:30 to sometimes 8. Jack gets picked up at noon and I’m usually in Portsmouth running errands while he’s at school. Then we’re home doing whatever needs to be done until we go get Emily from whichever after school activity she’s at and they usually end around 4:30. Recently after that we’ve been at baseball or tball on weeknights as well. And all in between I’m feeding & changing the baby of course. Wow, it doesn’t seem like much or sound as crazy as it actually is when it’s typed out like this!
11. Was it more challenging to go from 1 to 2 or 2 to 3, why?
Going from 1 to 2 is the most challenging. Huge time management change and adjustments. By baby #3 you just plug him or her right into the chaos.
12. What would you go back and re-do over with your first child, after maybe learning things with your second and third?
I don’t think I would re-do anything with my first. I gave her my all. I learned from her to be more comfortable in my own skin as a parent more so than I’ve learned from the other two that I would have done differently with her. From my first I’ve figured out how to adjust how I do things here and there with the boys, and maybe skip a step that I decided that didn’t work the first time. But I wouldn’t wish to re-do any of it with her because she’s turned out great regardless of any mistakes I’ve made – no permanent damage and the journey we’ve had in figuring it out has made us that much closer.

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