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Sunday, May 26, 2013

happy 2nd birthday to the Mommy Stories!

May 26th, it's the official SECOND birthday of the Mommy Stories! 

I started this blog back in 2011 as a gift for my dear friends Heather and Jess, who were both pregnant at the time. I wanted to share some things I'd learned, ideas, advice, a way of supporting them through an exciting but adventurous time in their lives.

A few cool things happened in the blog's group this year:

Mom in the Picture - I forget who it was but somebody in the Facebook group forwarded an article about how we needed to have more pictures of ourselves with our kids in the photo, not just pics of the kiddos. So once a month at least we post pictures - especially those without makeup on, messy bed head hair and silliness. I hope to continue this.

Mom of the Month - Starting December 2012 I have featured a Mom of the Month with pictures and a blog post dedicated to her and all her greatness. People seem to love these! I am always seeking nominations, so please message me or email to nominate someone you know.

Pinterest! - I started a Mommy Stories Pinterest board with all kinds of things just for you moms and kiddos.  Check it out!

Series Posts - I had two pretty popular series this past year on the blog - M.O.M. - Moms On a Mission to get organized and posts about having a second child. Hope these posts have been helpful to you.

Events - We had our first events last summer - Moms' Night Out and Mommy Stories Playground Date!

Facelift - The blog page got a makeover last summer with new picture, layout and backgrounds! 

What Mommies Are Saying... - Many of you write the nicest comments in the group about the blog or discussions, so I started saving them as a way to remind myself that on the bad days, there is good in the world! THANK YOU.

I never imagined other people reading this blog or it turning into a Facebook group with almost 700 mothers in it! I couldn't be happier to share these pages and experiences with you mommas.

So celebrate with me! Share something that you've gained or learned or has made you smile either in this blog or the Facebook group. Share your favorite blog post if you have one. Why do you enjoy being part of the FB group? I love hearing from you.

Thanks again for joining me along this fun ride. I don't write as much as I wish I could if I had more time, but that's OK. I reason with myself that I'm leading by example of how to be OK with what you can do instead of upset with what you can't when it comes to being a super busy mother.

Some upcoming cool things you will see on the blog and group this year:

- MOMMY SPEAK - this or that - I've tried these a few times recently and moms seem to respond. Just for fun and to see our similarities and differences, I'll post things for you to respond to of your preferences.

-New Mom Mentors - If there is interest, I'd like to offer new moms in our Facebook group an experienced mentor mom to ask advice, keep in touch with, and overall be encouraged by. If you're a new mom (to your first, second, third... they're all new experiences!) or an experienced mom who wants to help out a fellow mother during the first month of the baby's arrival please message me or email

-New series about confidence,  encouraging moms to feel all that and let go of guilt, judgment, and grief over how things didn't go as planned. Along with this, I hope to ask moms to post their Mommy Pride - something they are excited about, proud of for doing or handling the right way, a good moment that made them smile, etc. We focus too much on the things we wish we'd done or regrets, we need to remind ouselves OFTEN of how great we are.

-Kids Party Swap - Stemming from discussions in the Mommy Stories group, we now have this new Facebook group to swap/share/trade/sell/buy party supplies for all those Pinterest-inspired birthday parties you are planning!

-Recipe Sharing- We've ddone this from time to time already but this next year I think it'd be fun once a month to really encourage you all to share recipes. It seems to be something that comes up in discussion a lot in teh group, wanting ideas for cheap, easy, quick and healthy meals for your family. 

Hope you continue to enjoy the blog and discussions 
as much as I have. 

Now, go eat a chocolate ice cream or cupcakes just to celebrate the Mommy Stories' birthday! :) 

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