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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

M.O.M. - organized kids' clothes!

*This post is part of a series about getting organized in 2013, 
from our new Moms On a Mission = M.O.M. project , 
see February 2013 posts for more great ideas!*

Kids - they have tons of stuff, right?! It's everywhere! 

One thing they have the most of probably is clothing. Shoes, hats, accessories, belts, socks, underwear, shirts, etc. And especially during the first year when they grow so fast it seems they are moving into a whole new set of clothes, new wardrobe, every other month or so! During that first year, it's important to be organized so you don't go out of your mind trying to keep up with the clothing wars.

Also, if you're frugal like I am, it's good to know what you have and what you need so you can be on the lookout for deals as you see them. 

Here are a few ideas on keeping your children's attire organized.

I keep on the top shelf of my kids' closets the next size clothing they will be in, stacked in order of like clothes (shirts together, onesies together, pants together, etc.). I hang on the rack the clothes for this size and next size that should be hung (sweaters, dresses, coats, etc.). I put them in order of size, so the things closest to me are what fit now, in the back of the closet are things that are too big right now.

Bins, baskets, buckets, oh my! Get things to store shoes, hats, too big socks, etc. It makes it easier when you are looking for something if it's all right there. I keep all size hats and shoes together so that it's easy to find them when my kids grow so fast.

I keep a laundry basket in the corner of my daughter's room for the clothes that she outgrows. Since she's less than a year old she's outgrowing something basically every laundry cycle I do it seems! So having a basket handy to keep those things in until I have enough time to put them away for good is handy.

This looks messy but is really neat in there, I swear! Below is a picture of our eves, the storage space we use for my daughter's clothes. Everything is in a bucket and/or storage bag, by size. I have a boy and a girl, so everything is also sorted by gender. Each are also labeled and stacked together. I have one tub in there of all older shoes, too. This was the best thing I did when preparing for baby #2. Everything was easy to find, neat and in order when it was time to get it out for the second baby.

My son has a couple of tubs of clothes in his closet, too, for the size he'll be going into next and the size he's in now that he's outgrowing.

I like to get the next size of clothing out EARLY. This summer I got out the 12-18 months clothing for my daughter when she was still in 6-9 months clothing. They grow so fast that you want to be ready instead of having to spend your whole weekend organizing clothes some time because you're running out of options. I also find that I will see something that looks way too big, and my husband will think it fits so try it out and bam, he's right, it fits! Having it out already helps you to get more wear out of the clothes, it seems.

I keep most coats in the coat closet downstairs in our living room. That way I always know which coats we have for various seasons, if we need a new winter coat, etc.

I also shop a lot of sales at Target and consignment sales or shops. My mom is always finding yard sale and thrift store deals for us. It's nice to have the next size of clothing out already so I can see that my son does not need anymore pants in size 4T but yes he desperately needs pajamas and shorts for summer.

Inside my kids' dresser drawers everything is folded with like items, the things we use most are on top (onesies or t-shirts, tights, and socks), shirts and pants are in the middle, and pajamas on the bottom. Make it easy for you to pick out an outfit on busy work mornings. It should work FOR you, remember, not cause frustration.

Figure out a system that works for you, your kids' and your space. Clothes can take over and be frustrating if you let it get out of hand. If you keep up with it, it's easy, manageable and lacks stress.

What are your great ideas for keeping your kids' clothes organized? What type of storage solutions have you found that work?

Check out some more great ideas I found for organizing kids' clothes and closets at my Pinterest board, get organized, mama!


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