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Saturday, March 23, 2013

I have an almost 1-year-old

My daughter is almost a year old. 
12 months.

Her birthday is in a few weeks, and since I realized this when she turned 11 months old two weeks ago I've been trying so hard to slow things down. I have noticed every time I upload the pictures from my camera to my computer that they are of things that I haven't stopped to take time to photograph in a while ... her tiny hands as she sleeps; her toes in the high chair; her silly grin as she is drinking from her sippy cup; her hair that we've waited oh-so-long for (10 1/2 months it took to see anything but pure baldness up there!). 

I want to remember everything. 
I realize now that it's flown by so fast, this first year of, well just that, firsts. 

I've taken 1,000 photographs.
You know that if you know me at all. My camera never leaves my side.
I have, thankfully, not become one of those parents who takes a zillion photos of their first child and then gets too busy to take a single one of their second. I vowed I would not do that because photographs are SO important to me.

And yet still, almost a year later, I want to remember all of it. I want to remember more of it.

Because I know how it goes from here.
I remember this from my son, who is now 3 years old and tells me what he wants to eat, who his best friend is, and where he wants to go and what he wants to wear.

I know from here on out we drop the bottles and nursing, we start the cow's milk. I know we stop the rolling and swiftly move to crawling and all of a sudden walking. I know that more words than mama and dada will come from her mouth pretty soon.

It's growth and development. It's natural and amazing, really. I LOVE this part.
I've said to this day my favorite age with my son was 18 months.
So I'm looking forward to that age this summer and fall with my daughter.

Yet lately I'm not ready, I want to scream at the Gods who make her grow too fast.
Slow it down a little bit. I want to memorize this part first.

It's like all of a sudden she's a SHE. I don't mean gender wise. I mean in that she's a little person now. Not just this baby we can sit some place and know will stay there. "She's on the move," I tell everyone we see.

She's been pulling herself up to stand in her crib and at the train table for 3 weeks or so. Then a few days ago she started walking along the edge of the train table. Then yesterday she was standing at the train table without holding on, barely leaning her belly against it for support. That quickly. That's how fast it happened. A month ago she had just learned to crawl on all fours.

And now my two children are on the same level. Of course one is much taller, but when they sit just right or kneel, they are on the same level. That's so weird!

She is learning at the speed of light these days.
This is very, very cool.
And yet mind-blowing at the same time.

I took some pictures the other day of my baby drinking her bottle of milk. I don't even really know why, but I took about 20 of them! I think I wanted to document when she learned how to hold her bottle herself ... something that honestly, makes me proud and sad at the same time. I also wanted to document my milk. That could sound weird to anyone other than a mom who probably gets it, so I'm OK printing it. I also recall a picture I took of her big brother drinking his final bottle of pumped milk when he was a year old and having this urge to take a picture of it. Life is busy with two, I wanted to make sure I got one snapshot of this.

See, these are the moments I'm grasping at before they fly away out of thin air when she turns a year old in a few weeks. Of course some things are normal after that point, "she'll always be my baby," as they say. But it's different. "A year old" is different than "my baby."

I took pictures last week of my daughter sleeping in her crib. You can't have enough sleepy crib pictures. 

And that squishy baby fat diaper swooshy noise and image ... you have to have that on film! 
Standing at the fridge now?! Standing?! 

This photo below was taken a few minutes before we realized, oh OK we're not a little baby anymore, time to get rid of the mobile before she breaks it! I remember being huge preggo and putting this up by myself, thinking I was all set to be a mama again. Wasn't that just a month ago, instead of a year ago?

on the move ... headed toward bigger and better things, I guess!

Yet, she's still my baby. That, I can remember through these changes, amazing developments. It's ALL fun. 

It's the coolest thing - even if it's a little sad, too - to see someone who came out of our belly barely opening her eyes turning into a moving, talking, silly little girl, doing her thing. Love that. 

                                                        Isn't mommyhood grand?!

Onward toward a year. We can do this!

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