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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

M.O.M. - tips to get started

The ideas behind the M.O.M. - Moms On a Misson ... to get organized in 2013 are the following:

1. Get organized - clean every room in the house, make systems that help you operate better as the CEO of your home, make it work FOR you. Know what you have in your house so you aren't spending more money on things you don't need. Don't waste precious time and energy being frustrated by things that are not working.

2. Get healthy - cook meals at home, make your own cleaning supplies even, exercise, get enough sleep,
put recipes into a binder etc. A cleaner house is healthier for all. These are all things you can do when you plan a little organization into the mix.

3. Get connected - When you are organized you have more time for things like planning date nights, time with friends, less time on phone or online, connect to other moms for support, etc. You can be happier! Simply and make things easier.

It's really not that hard! It just takes some determination and planning. 
You CAN do it!

The journey of a thousand miles began with one step, or something like that I think is the quote. It's true.
I get it, we moms have ZERO extra time.
I can hear some of you reading this thinking, is she nuts? I'm so tired and busy already, like I have time to fix up my house and organize my food pantry right now! Geesh!

But that's my point. The fact that you have no time is exactly the reason why you NEED to simply, make your life easier by getting things in order.

So just get started!

Take a walk!
Walk around your house (when kids are sleepin!) with a notebook or clipboard some night and find what you don't like, what annoys you, what wastes your time, what is frustrating or even find things that aren't even used but are taking up space. Write it down. Everything. Spend at least 5 minutes just sitting and looking at everything. Preferably do this with your partner so you can discuss it as you go.

If it's easier just split up and take post-its around the house and put a post-it and note on anything that you want to come back to later.

When going through rooms ask yourself:

What do I feel like in this room? Am I calm and happy with everything working how I want it to, or am I agitated and annoyed when in here because it's a mess? 
(My husband would get stressed when making breakfast for us, which was supposed to be a fun event, because we have a small kitchen and little counter space... so now we do our best to make sure counters are ALWAYS clear, as much as possible, so that this process is easier.)

If I had all the money in the world what would I do to this room to make it more lovely? (oh this is a fun one! But then don't get discouraged you don't have all the money in the world... instead pick something you want to do and find a cheap way to do it - TJ Maxx, Target, great deals!)

What is one easy thing in here that I see I could tackle ASAP without taking tons of money or time? (I went through the medicine bucket and tossed old stuff. 10 minutes later, done.)

What frustrates my kids or my partner in this room? What do they enjoy in here? (My husband is always SO annoyed when he can't find the sippy cup parts when my son is crying for a drink... so we keep them organized now, as soon as they come out of the dishwasher we put them back together so they are ready to just grab. SCORE!)

What could I gain from organizing this space? (For me in the bathroom I gain at least a minute on my morning routine, which helps get me out the door and to work on time without stressing out, just by organizing my makeup bag so I'm not searching for what I need every morning.)

How could I be a better mom in this room? (For me the bathroom, I could not find a towel for my son so he'd be shivering until I found out and got it out from under the other towels that were not his favorite... so now that I'm organized in there his towel is always hanging on the back of the door, ready to go and easy for me to get. Voila, better mom, warmer kid!)

Then pick the room that has the fewest issues, the least amount of things written down that you want to update... and tackle ONE small thing in that one room.

If it's the bathroom, just go through ONE drawer under the sink instead of saying OK I'm going to organize this entire bathroom. That's too much. Just do one thing at a time. And slowly chip away at the rest of that room over a week or more. That's OK! That is how you'll make progress - by being realistic with yourself.

I will continue to post ideas on our Mommy Stories Facebook group, on this blog, and on the Pinterest board "get organized mama!" so check those out for inspiration. Take a deep breath and acknowledge life could be better when a little organized. It's all good! Celebrate small accomplishments, too. Don't take a huge thing to tackle at first, do it in small increments. Share your successes with us! YOU CAN DO IT!

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