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Monday, February 18, 2013

M.O.M. - an organized BATHROOM!

So glad you're interested in the M.O.M. - Moms On a Mission ... to get ORGANIZED! 
(this is part of a series of posts about getting organized in 2013!)

Tackle the TP Room
First room I'm suggesting you tackle something in is your bathroom. The reason? It's the easiest spot I could think of. Easy is what this mission is all about, because otherwise you are not going to do it. We moms can't do anymore hard things in our daily lives. There is no time. So easy is what I'm trying to do.

The problem in my bathroom was just that I had not been through our medicine bucket and bathroom toiletries in at least 2 1/2 years. It's just one of those "out of sight, out of mind" locations that you can easily forget so you ignore until it becomes so annoying when trying to find what you need.

We have a small bathroom, too, so there is no room for things we don't need or want in there, outdated medicine, etc. It has needed organizing for a while now.

So everything came out, lined up and tossed on the bathroom floor. Then I went through each thing and got rid of or gave things away to my sister that we didn't need. This process total to clean out this closet, under the sink, and 2 bathroom drawers took total 45 minutes. Half of this I did while my kids were in the tub! Multi tasking at its best.

It does NOT have to look perfect. It DOES need to work FOR you. So do whatever works.

Things to consider when organizing in the bathroom:

-Towels: Are they in good shape or tearing? Get rid of them and make them into rags for outside or working around the house if they aren't in great shape. Rolling them sometimes gives you more space. I didn't take a picture of it, but in that space next to the baby bucket of washcloths and shampoo I put a basket of baby towels so they are all together and not just stuffed wherever anymore.

-Medicine cabinet: Toss out what is expired. Make a list of things you need to buy now (we need more band-aids). Put like things together (cold medicine and vapor rub together, etc). Make sure you have what you need, especially having kids this is important for those middle of the night sicknesses that arise. 

-Toiletries: Do you really need 5 bottles of lotion? If not, donate them to a local homeless shelter or give them away to family who can use them. Don't have things that just take up space. Put like things together - all the toothpaste, extra tooth brushes and little things of floss from the dentist's office can be in one basket together, not all spread out. This way you know what you have before you go spend more money on things you don't need at the store. 

-Makeup: I went through everything in my makeup bag. So many things I don't even use or things that are old and needed to be tossed out. Why keep this stuff? Maybe you don't even realize how annoying some of this is to you. Every morning when I put makeup on I have to go through the makeup bag, pushing aside things that today I ended up tossing out and clearly didn't need in there. It wastes time and energy doing that. Tomorrow when I put makeup on I have the few things I need right there, easy to get to and nothing in my way. So maybe that gives me an extra minute during my morning routine to get out the door on time, I'll take it! 

-Do what works! It was always so annoying to me when the toilet paper rolls were just tossed into this cabinet. So stacking up they went. Easy. And there were all kinds of random things in here like some lotion and mouthwash and shaving cream. They don't belong down here, so they moved to the closet with other things similar to them. I also only keep the cleaning supplies I use in here under this sink, no need for more or less. 

Biggest rule of organization = 
Make your stuff work for you not against you. 
Make it easier on yourself, otherwise there is no point in attempting to get or stay organized. It has to be easier when organized than it was before you organized. Hope that makes sense. If it does, you'll see very soon how true this is once you get rolling on the organization train. 

Cheat sheet bathroom organizing tips:
1. Take everything out of a drawer, closet, etc. at a time and spread it out so you can see what you have. 
2. Toss out what is expired, and what you don't need donate. 
3. Put like things together.
4. Figure out what system works best for you - where can you put your makeup bag or your lotion that you use daily so your morning routine is quicker? Ask yourself what annoys you in this room? What do you want to work better for you in this room?
5. Stay determined to keep it organized. How will that work? Talk to your family about keeping it this way, too.

So try it! Pledge to organize just one drawer or maybe just under the bathroom sink. Or tackle the towel closet. It doesn't have to be the entire bathroom. Take 15 minutes and do what you can do. Post your pictures and/or ideas and experiences to the Mommy Stories Facebook group!

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