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Saturday, February 16, 2013

M.O.M. - Moms On a Mission

Yes, I know you're too busy.
I get it.
I have two kids of my own. And work full time out of the house. And write this blog. And.... 
We're ALL busy.

That's precisely why I'm hoping you'll join me on this new project. 
The very reason that you are super duper busy is why you need to follow me along on this journey.

To organize or not to organize? That is THE question.

I know, I know, you hate that word, "organize." It sounds overwhelming or snobby or something. 
It sounds like something those women on Pinterest do, but the average mother could never achieve. 
It's kinda scary sounding.

But really that's my point, I'm here to say it's NOT that scary! 
Organization is IMPORTANT as a mother. 
In fact, I think it's one of THE most important things you can do to be a good mom. 

An organized mom has these things:

I promise.
It's true.

And it's NOT that hard to get there. I also promise that.
A little time here and there is time well spent. It's prevention. If you put in an hour here or there to get yourself into an organized system you will have more time later. If you are always searching for something, that's wasted time, whereas if you had it right in its place you'd know where it was every time and have no problem finding it. 

So if you can't find things. 
Or you're tripping over things.
Or the medicine you pull out of the bathroom cabinet is outdated.
Or that you are tossing food from the fridge because it's gone bad before you even knew to eat it.
Or that you're buying things at the store that you didn't know you had on the back of the cabinet shelf.
Or that you had coupons that expired before you could use them.
Then you need a little organization.
You don't have to go crazy with it. You can do as little or as much as you want.

I'm seeking moms who want to join me on this Mission to get more organized in 2013. 
Are you in?!

M.O.M. = Moms On a Misson ... to get ORGANIZED! 
Here's how it works:
I will post tips for how to organize certain rooms in your house or areas of your life. Tips will come from my own experience, books, Web sites, PINTEREST, and suggestions from moms like you from our Mommy Stories Facebook group, etc.

I will then every couple of weeks encourage you to organize SOMETHING related to that blog post. For example, I intend to start with the bathroom because I think that's a small, easy room to start with. So I'll write a blog post about some ideas I have for you to organize your bathroom. Then I'll keep in touch with you via the Mommy Stories Facebook group, asking some of you to share your recent organization struggles or ideas and successes. You can share photos or just write about what you did or even what you think you should do. We'll encourage one another to keep going. The suggestions will be small. Not major, don't worry. So for the bathroom I might say, "go through your medicine cabinet and toss out what is expired." Easy! Takes like 10 minutes. 

After weeks of doing these little projects hopefully you'll feel more organized around the house and an overall happier mama. 

Why bother getting organized?
Because I promise you it'll make your life easier and happier, less stress. 
Just try one thing and see if it helps. 
So much about parenting is out of our control - when our kids get sick, if someone picks on them, if friends invite us to a play group or not, the fact that we have to work and send them to daycare, etc. 
Keeping your life organized is IN your control. You CAN do that. 
It does NOT have to take hours. It does NOT have to be overwhelming. 

A little bit will help, I swear.

Join me! Join other moms on this M.O.M. Mission!
Together we can be cleaner, happier, organized, stress-less moms. 
I think our kids will even thank us! 

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