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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

gifts for baby #2

Before I had a second child I struggled with what to purchase for a gift for someone pregnant with a second. You think, well they already have everything, right, so what could I get them? Well, after having my second I have many ideas. Hope these help you out when giving gifts to those having their second:

Gifts for Baby #2
diapers and wipes - Of course these are at the top of the list. Tons, various sizes. Always helpful!

plastic bibs - they get old quickly from the first one, so parents can always use new ones

sippy cups - same as with bibs, you can always use updated ones of these

baby record book

photo albums, picture frames (we got a cute one that says "me and my big brother" because our first is a boy)

new clothes - of course it's fun to see the second wearing the first kid's clothes, but new babies like new clothes of their own, too. I loved seeing new things on my second that were special to her

photography shoot for special newborn pictures

books - We only got maybe 2 books for gifts for our second, but they are super special to me because I remember all the many books we got for my son's baby shower and it's nice to have a few that are special to my daughter's birth, too.

Sophie the Giraffe - My son loved this and chewed it so much that we really wanted a new one for our second

blankets - I know, I know, the first one got a zillion blankets so they probably don't need many, but since my son was a boy all we had were dinosaur and dog and blue blankets for him, so I loved that someone gave us 3 receiving blankets that were pink, purple, polka dots. Of course my daughter rocked the dinosaur blankets, too, no problem, but it IS fun to have others for the new baby, too.

seasonal items - This is especially important if the second baby is coming at a different season than the first one was born. If the first was a winter baby and this is a summer baby, perhaps they need newborn sun hats instead of all those newborn winter hats for example. Or if a summer baby maybe they need some thin summer lightweight baby wraps, versus the winter fleece ones they had for the winter first baby.

plastic baby seat for the tub - this was SO helpful for giving a bath to two kids. You can find them on Amazon.

plates, bowls, silverware - 2 kids means needing more utensils for meals, so get some cool ones for the two kids to use.

letters that hang on the wall to spell out the new baby's name

Gifts for Big Siblings
books about being big bro or sis

coloring books, crayons, stickers, etc. or anything to be used while visiting baby in the hospital

baby dolls, bottles, diapers, etc. for doll to keep busy while parents are busy with new baby 

an IOU for a special date out with you

special snacks you know s/he likes

Gifts for Mama-to-Be
 Don't forget the new mom. She may have already done this before, but she's still new at this two thing, and pregnancy is a pretty big deal so celebrate her hard work with giving her a special gift for herself.

bath stuff - Someone at my work gave me the nicest set of lotions and soaps from Burt's Bees, specific for moms-to-be. It included a lotion bottle for the baby, too. The best part about this was some soothing foot lotion that honestly helped my aching swollen feet at the end of pregnancy, loved that stuff! Something like this is nice for a pregnant or new mom.

massage gift certificate

salon gift certificate to get hair or nails done

maternity clothes gift card if you give it early on in the pregnancy, it is nice to get new clothes, especially if pregnant during  different season than the last time.

MEALS - nothing is better than food!

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