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Sunday, January 27, 2013

a day in the life of 2

*This is part 5 of a series of posts about what it's like to go from having one baby to two.
More to come!*

Life with two children is BUSY.
It's loud and there is crying and frustrations on everyone's part. 
It's complicated and a juggling act sometimes.
Someone always has to wait their turn... most often you are the one in line last.

In the beginning it's all kinds of diapers and feedings. 
It's barely eating yourself because you are feeding two kids who neeeeeed you oh so much right now. 
It's new and familiar at the same time; it's exciting, and confusing all wrapped up into one.
It's washing a lot of bottles.

It's never making your bed because you are getting back in in a few minutes anyway to rest with the baby or feed the baby or...

It's setting up camp with the pump and doing what you can to make that situation work and comfy and normal for your toddler to see.

Life with two is awesome when the nursing/pumping thing goes better than it did the first time and you're super proud! But it's busy. Man a lot of milk comes out of a person the second time around!

It's challenging figuring out a system. 
When one baby was here the milk fit in the freezer no problem. 
Now with two, there are frozen waffles and french fries and
 peaches already in there you have to make room for.

Life with two is BUSY, BUSY, BUSY. 
You are on the go A LOT. 
You need to keep track of those birthday parties and doctor's appointments for two now. 
Some days it feels like everyone is going in different directions.

Life does not stop when a second baby comes home. 
Your first needs you to keep on movin'!

Some days you just want to whine about it.
And oh yeah, the laundry ... well don't get me started on how much more LAUNDRY there is with two!

Every single day you feel like you take on the world.
You do it ALL. 

Life with two children is MESSY. 
It's chaos.
Frustrating, annoying, tiring, and crazy.
It's dirty and not picked up like it used to be pre-kids. 
It's more and less - and everything in between. 
It's stressful at times.

Here is my house just a few weeks ago... 
so really the whole messy thing with two does not improve after those sleepless newborn months. 
This is our home after dinner time one night.

There are more toys with two kids. Go figure.
You thought you had no space before... well watch out now! 
I think we have 4,985 toys now... and they're all over the living room here!

I think baby #2 is somewhere in there amidst the mess!

It's multiplied. 
Whatever you used to do for one, you now do two times in a row. 
It's time-consuming. You have little time for anything else when they are awake. 

I wasn't joking about the laundry!

Somehow, you manage to keep a smile on your face despite the craziness.
You're a mother. M-O-M Mom. 
What else would you do but laugh and keep moving forward?

The laughter. The laughing makes it ALL worth it. My daughter giggles NONSTOP when she's with her brother. And he does everything he can think of to make her laugh. He's done that since she was born. It's the sweetest thing to watch.

It's sweet and caring and joyful, too.

It's learning for everyone. It's a new adventure. It's the best roller coaster ride EVER.

My son has learned to share... well learned is a stretch, he's learnING. But it's good. It's a positive thing that we practice at home all the time on this sharing our toys thing so when he goes to school he'll be a better friend.

It warms my heart. It makes me cry happy tears.
It's bliss and true joy.

My little boy turning into a big brother and teaching his sister how to do things... priceless. He shares his tools with her, those are his pride and joy, so that tells us he really does love this annoying little sister thing!

A lot of times they are best buds, happy to have someone by their side.

It's never perfect. 
She cries when he takes a toy away from her. 
He gets annoyed when she can't pass him the toy he wants because she doesn't yet know how to do that. They do check each other out sometimes, like who is this and why am I forced to deal with her/him?

But it's FUN. 

And it's SWEET.

And it's our life. Our new with 2 life. 

Full of chaos and challenges, with love and growth alongside all of that. It's busy, that's for sure. But it's the most amazing journey, too. It's encouraging, uplifting, inspiring and hilarious really to watch these two together. We can only hope they are as smitten with each other 20 years from now as they are today at age 2 and infant.

We know there will be ups and downs, annoyances and yelling and slamming doors and "go get your own friends" coming from them, especially in the teenage drama-filled years. But a bond like this can't be broken. It's a forever friend type of thing. They're stuck together. And honestly, if you asked them if that were OK and they could really answer truthfully, I think they'd smile and say, "yeah, that's pretty cool actually."

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