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Thursday, December 27, 2012

new mom survival kit

I found this great idea for a New Mom Survival Kit on Pinterest and just added to it to make it my own as I prepared this gift for my sister-in-law (due Christmas Day, delivered a few weeks prior!). It was so fun finding things that would help out a new mom or at least make her laugh. I tried thinking back to my time as a new mom, what I wish I'd had.

Here's what I included in this version of the New Mom Survival Kit for my sister-in-law:

tissues - you may want to cry sometimes - happy or frustrated tears - and it's all ok
sour patch kids - to remind you that all kids are different, and despite how sour they are at times, underneath they are so sweet
starburst - to give you a burst of energy when you are exhausted
water bottle - to keep you hydrated
wrapping paper - for all the birthday parties you'll be invited to
band-aids - for all those boo-boos you will fix
Snoopy magnets - because you're about to add a whole lot of fun to your house
coffee magnet - whatever it takes to keep you awake
wine cork - for those crazy days
to do list grocery magnet for fridge - to keep track of those groceries diapers, etc. you run out of
mac n' cheese - something you will be cooking a lot
photo book of shower pics - so you remember to take lots of pictures of baby

calendar - to keep track of all of those doctor visits, birthday parties and dates
tape - because you will be mom and moms are strong enough to keep it all stuck together
hand sanitizer - to wash away the germs - babies are gross!
air heads - you thought preggo brain was bad, just wait for mommy brain! don't say I didn't warn you - you will lose your mind
Dove chocolate - so you remind yourself to indulge a little and take care of yourself
towel - for all the messes you will be cleaning up
dog toys - to distract those jealous first babies you already have - puppies
gum - for those days when you can't quite get it together to brush your teeth
body wash - to remind you to take time for you daily - shower!
batteries - for those noisy toys or the swing to work in the middle of the night
night lights - to light up the hallway toward baby's room because sorry but you'll be up late
laundry basket - because you'll be doing a lot of it now
magnet pic of two of you - so you remember where it all started - with you two, in love and laughing.. remember to have fun together

OTHER IDEAS: (Tons of other ideas came to mind! You can be super creative with this!)
-binder of take out or delivery restaurants in the area
-gift card for takeout food
-burp cloths
-Shutterfly gift card to order birth announcements, baby book photos, etc.
-Parent magazine subscription
-What to Expect the First Year, Toddler Years books
-Journal to write down all the cute memories
-Nursing tank tops
-nursing pads
-Lansinoh breast cream
-Mommy Juice (a brand of wine)
-Nursery rhyme book
-Wipes to clean up all the messes
-Date night ideas or even actual date night envelopes of things they have to do. 
-List of phone numbers of those to call for babysitting or a babysitting info pad of paper they can keep on the fridge
-Gift card to their registry store to pick up last minute items 

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