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Sunday, December 2, 2012

HO HO HO gettin' in the spirit we go

The Christmas season is so much fun with kids. 
It allows us to be children again ourselves! Who doesn't love that?! Here are some fun and easy ideas for enjoying this season to its fullest. It comes but once a year so try to find the joy in it, despite some stress, chaos and feeling too busy that also comes this time of year. Have FUN!

Here are 25 ideas for you to do this December until Christmas comes to keep your family having fun together and in the holiday spirit! 

1. Elf on the Shelf

2. Make and decorate cookies

3. Play in the snow

4. Drive around looking at Christmas lights

5. Put up blow-up decorations or lights out in your yard

6. Read Christmas books at the library

7. Make an Advent calendar

8. Paint a Christmas tree with kids' hand prints and let them decorate it with their fingers

9. Make ornaments for the tree - tons of ideas on Pinterest

10. Put on Christmas music and dance around the house

11. Make Christmas cards for grandparents, teachers, babysitters, etc. with pictures from coloring books, red and green paper, etc.

12. Go to church or to the kids' pageant and sing holiday songs

13. Take a walk down your street looking at lights and singing Christmas carols really loudly

14. Give - Bake cookies for the nursing home, sing carols at the hospital, pick out gifts for kids' in need this year from a giving tree

15. Talk to your kids about other holidays that their friends might be celebrating this time of year like Hanukah. Read books about those holidays, too. 

16. Write a letter to Santa - for your younger ones, you ask them the questions and write their answers for their letter to Santa then visit Santa - not just at the Mall, check out small places to visit him like the library or fundraisers that restaurants might be doing or your Parks and Rec department - they're all fun places.

17. Go to a parade dressed with Elf or Santa hats, and some cute shirts that say things like Jingle Bells, My Sister Smells or Santa's Little Helper, and and eat candy canes

18. Get out the musical instruments your kids play with and have a Christmas concert right in your living room, playing the drums and bells for carols

19. Watch Rudolph the Reindeer and Frosty the Snowman and The Polar Express while drinking hot cocoa

20. Make pancakes for breakfast into the shape of a snowman or Santa - bacon for a scarf and blueberries for eyes and chocolate chips for a mouth

21. Make your own wreath out of trimmings from the tree

22. Decorate the tree! Put ornaments down low for the kids to play with

23. Have Christmas music in the car to sing out loud while looking at lights on your way to school or work every day

24. Open one gift on Christmas Eve but it has to be something homemade

25. Get your family all dressed up in cute matching sweaters and Santa hats and clothes and take them out some place - even just in the yard - and take pictures. Professional photographers are fantastic, but YOU know your kids best so take advantage of your own little camera and sweet babies and take some shots so you can remember what this is like this time of year with your kids - sweet, innocent, fun, and full of pure joy.

Whatever you do this season, HAVE FUN and relax! It's about being together with those you love, laughing, and giving. :)

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