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Saturday, November 3, 2012

photo 101 - part 2 - interview with photographer

This is part 2 of a photography for moms series I started last week. 
You can see part 1 here

Beth Wallace is one of my closest and oldest friends, and she's also a super momma whom I admire greatly. She has one son, Holden - super cutie of the Northeast! She is a photographer based in Massachusetts, originally from Maine. You can check out here AMAZING work here -

Not only is she a great friend of mine, but she also took my maternity photos and one-month-old photos of my son, Owen. LOVE HER WORK!

Below Beth answers some questions with great tips on how to get professional pictures done of your children, and what to do when you want to take great pictures yourself of those cute kids of yours!

1. What is your advice to parents looking to hire a photographer for their childrens photos? 
Do it! Of course I may be biased, but I love the photographs that are in a natural setting (your home, the beach, etc). Some studios can be amazing, but having the photographer in your home makes the children more comfortable (in my experience). You know your children best, so if you think they will do best at a fun location, then plan around that! One great family I've photographed a few times had their favorite session at the beach because their son really loved it.

2. What is a good age for parents to get professional photos done of kids? 
All ages, honestly, but please don't skimp on the newborn ones. Find someone who has experience with newborns, and never, ever let them put your baby in a compromising, unsafe situation. Those fancy shots of babies in precarious places (i.e. hanging in a little bundle in a tree branch or even with their head propped up in their hands) are all something called COMPOSITE shots (meaning someone holding the baby is then photoshopped out). As a photographer, I put the baby's safety as my number one priority. There are some really beautifully talented newborn photographers out there. While you're pregnant, research the ones you love and they may have a baby plan for you, meaning they will do a discount if you book a few within the first year of life.

3. What do you encourage people to dress their children in for professional photos? 
I tell people to keep it simple and just don't clash with each other. Wear what you feel good in, and you'll look good. Definitely avoid logos and words on your shirts, but don't be afraid to have fun! If your kiddo loves superheroes, let him or her don a favorite cape! If they love dress up, have fun with that, too!

4. What should parents do during a professional photo shoot while kids are being photographed? 
Relax. I just did a photo shoot for a family today, and I told them every single photo shoot with little kids is total mayhem. Don't worry because the photographer will get great shots. I love finding great shots between family members, so kiss your kids, hug them, kiss your partner! Don't forget to get a picture of just you and your significant other because when was the last time you did that??

5. What are your tips for parents to take their own photos of their kids at home every day, or even to do their own special "shoot" outside every now and then?
Have lots of fun. Get down on the ground, even further than you think is possible. You want to be on their eye level. Give them a task to do (collect flowers, leaves, play...) Do you have one of those nice SLR cameras but don't know how to use it? When I had my first one, it had the "sport" option. That one was always best for capturing fast motion but with your flash not popping up all the time.

6. What's your advice for framing pictures of kids for the house?
 Decide your style. I'm a big fan of always using white mats for prints. You really can't go wrong there. Also, if you really like a picture, go big! (Just make sure it's clear and not fuzzy at all).

7. What are some cute props, clothes, locations, etc. for photo shoots you have seen parents and kids use? 
Tutus for toddlers, family heirlooms with newborn shots, bikes for older kids, balloons, barns, etc.

8. Anything else you want to share with fellow moms about photographing their kiddos? 
Don't let the camera sit. Take photos of your babies and get them printed! Fill up photo albums (I need to do this, too). One goal would be to print them all up at the end of each year. Overall, just have so much fun. If you want good pictures with your iphone, take them outside with good light (or else they will be grainy).

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