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Friday, November 16, 2012

mommy gratitude

I see so many on Facebook posting daily things they are thankful for, as part of this 30 Days of Thanks movement during the month of November. I didn't want to commit to doing it on Facebook daily, because I'm not sure I can be that organized right now. So power to those of you who ARE doing it daily, I LOVE reading them.

Instead, I'm showing my gratitude here with 30 things I'm thankful for as a mommy:

(doesn't he just look grateful in this picture?! so handsome!)

1. breast pump for helping me feed my kids

2. uterus for kicking those fibroids out of the way so I could deliver two healthy babies, and for surviving 4 major surgeries to do so

3. kid-friendly job hours so I can be there for all the important moments

4. a sense of humor for helping me laugh when I really want to cry sometimes

5. patience like I've never had before for keeping me sane in tough moments of "I do it myself" or when the baby would not stop screaming for oh, say, 6 weeks.

6. the ability to be a kid again myself through watching and playing with my children. I never used to run through the mud or play outside when it was super cold or rainy, now I do this type of thing on a daily basis and feel great about it!

7. that I'm part of a "club" of moms who have become my greatest friends and who really get what I've gone through, thus making me feel more normal

8. the Internet and my library card so I can research and get advice easily and for free from other moms, doctors, authors, etc. who have been where I am and know what I should do

9. organizational skills to remember things like when the birthday party starts and to send thank you notes for baby gifts; to write in my children's baby books weekly and to keep an immunization record to take to the doctor's office.

10. ability to let things go more now that I'm so busy I don't have time for petty things like wondering who's judging me or if I'm 5 minutes late or the floors have not been washed in two weeks. There are more important things in my life now.

11. appreciation for my body and what it can do and has done by bringing life into the world. It's pretty awesome, and so I'm grateful for it and plan to take care of it. Having babies has made me feel the strongest I've ever felt physically. It's pretty damn cool.

12. my husband because I have no idea how single moms do this very challenging job. And even more I'm grateful that my husband is the BEST dad and partner in the world. He helps with all I have to do around the house and with kids. So grateful for being a good team.

13. that I'm teaching my kids to be good people through my own actions like voting or teaching them manners or when I give them "talks" about things like not smoking and being good friends.

14. money to provide the things we need to keep warm, drive in a big enough car to fit all of our things, clothes, hats for winter, toys to play with, and food to eat.

15. a huge family of grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins for my kids to grow up surrounded by, learning from, and being loved by. Our family spoils our two kids. My son spent the day at a wedding recently with a lot of his family, and the whole time he asked me where the rest of his family were. That night saying prayers with his Dad, he told Dad he wanted tomorrow to "see my family again." Love that.

16. tons of babysitters who would drop anything to watch our kids. See #15 of aunts, uncles, grandparents, etc. We truly believe the saying "it takes a village to raise a child." We rely on our family so much.

17. ME time. Taking time of myself is ultra important as a mom. I need time away, time with friends, time being girlie, time to read or listen to my music. Time to run and focus on my goals. I am grateful when I get these chances.

18. my ability to score a great deal in order to be thrifty and save money to get all we need. I consign my kids' outgrown clothes that we don't need anymore and buy things on sale. I use coupons, sign up for emails where I get 40% off things like photo books online. I save money wherever I can so that we can do all the fun things we want to do.

19. being obsessed with my camera means I take pictures of everything child-related. I have every moment documented. We all say it flies by too fast, and having photos of what happened makes me feel like they stay little forever.

20. creativity with celebrating. I love that I remember to celebrate things like my son's half birthday with an ice cream cone or throw a party when he learned to use the big boy potty! I like that I search for hours on Pinterest looking for cute ideas to make my kids' birthday parties that much more special. Pinterest is my new best friend because it helps me be super creative with birthday planning!

21. sentimentality. I love that I'm sentimental, thoughtful and always wanting to recall the small moments. I take a weekly photo of my daughter, since the first week she was home from the hospital. Looking back at her growth makes me smile. I'm grateful that I remember to do this every week, and that overall I put energy into sentimental things. I keep a memory box for each of my kids - filled with cards, first lock of hair, pictures, etc.

22. the What to Expect book series. Love these things! I have the expecting one, the first year, and toddler years. I love every word in every one of them. So helpful.

23. health. My own health, my husband's, my children's. It is so challenging to watch friends deal with sickness and their children going through doctors visit after visit. I'm so beyond grateful that my home is healthy.

24. my college degrees. I'm glad I went to college and know how important it is to encourage my kids to strive for lots of education. I hope to help them someday earn a degree in the field of their dream. Having my own degree makes me feel like I can not just encourage them but show them how it's done.

25. my sister. It's so nice to not only have a mom friend but a sister who is a mom at the same time as me so we can bounce ideas off each other, or even just call each other up and say, "You will not believe what my son did today!" or "I'm going to snap if my husband does ___ one more time!" or "Hey did you see that totally adorable ____?"

26. a big car. I'm so grateful to have a car that fits the two car seats, diaper bag, groceries, strollers, ETC. ETC. that you need when you have kids. I have it all in there. I'm grateful I don't have a tiny car.

27. that I've been pregnant and had newborns. What incredible experiences. I would not trade those 10 months or those first 4 sleepless months for anything in the world. They were challenging, sure, but they made me stronger.

28. my huge freezer. I'm so grateful my husband agreed when I said we needed a huge freezer for the basement for all the breastmilk and homemade baby food I make. Literally, it's jam-packed. And I'm proud of that. Sooo lucky to have this.

29. my treadmil and my jogging stroller, because it's really hard to get outside sometimes so the treadmill does the trick to get my butt in gear. And the jogging stroller because it's SO nice to pack everyone up and just hit the road and feel like I can get away from the stress, while my kids are happy to be out for a stroll.

30. Mother's Day. I love this day. I feel special on this day, slightly more so than even on my birthday. I feel more gratitude on this day than I ever did before for my mom. She's amazing, now that I realize what she went through just being my mom on a daily basis. I love that there is a whole day just set aside for us mommas. We deserve at least one full day to celebrate all the cool things we are and all the many things we do for others.

Lots to be grateful for as a mother!

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