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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

so many firsts

The first year with a baby can be crazy, chaotic, challenging, and more crazy. 
It's confusing.
It's difficult.
It's exhausting for sure.

Yet at the same time and even more so, it's INCREDIBLE. 
It's rewarding. Sweet.
Sincerely amazing.
Sentimental and raw and true.

There is something about watching a little one grow up and learn to do things she could not do even a day before that makes you smile, tear up and jump for joy all in one swift move.

My daughter is fast approaching 6 months old next week. 
Half a year. 
Where did the time go?! 
I literally feel like it was just last month that I brought her home from the hospital, all bundled up and acting like the Diva that she is deep down, screeching any time we put her down, wanting the attention stolen from her big brother every step of the way. 

And yet now she's learned so much in the last month alone - roll over, eat cereal and sweet potatoes for the first time, take off her socks, stopped using a pacifier, sleeping in her own crib in her own room, sitting up, grabbing at everything around her, ETC. I can't even keep up with all the changes! 

Watching somebody leave your body's safe keeping and then explore the world, gradually and a little sleepily at first, is the coolest part about being a mother, in my opinion. It makes me feel proud and accomplished every single day. Even if I didn't get a shower in the beginning or didn't get a great night's sleep due to teething, or if I didn't reply to all of those emails or wash the floors or clean the kitchen - I know I've already done something important today - taught my child something new, helped her grow. It's pretty awesome if you think about it, this role we moms play in our kids' lives. We get to witness this transformation from itty bitty newborn in our bellies and then sleeping in our arms, to this moving, screeching, talking, rolling being. How cool are we?! How cool are THEY?!

These pictures are of my daughter rolling around in the leaves on the most gorgeous fall day last week. I was called by the babysitter to go pick up a sick kiddo, which meant I was home half a day early. On the ride home I planned on doing this and that, getting a head start on laundry, etc. Yet when I got home it was just SO beautiful out and my daughter was so smiley that I decided we should play outside instead. I wanted to do her almost-6-months-old photo shoot and dress her up cute ... but her brother was sleeping upstairs and I didn't want to risk waking him up early by looking around for an outfit for her ... so in her cute pink striped pants and shirt we went for the photos! 

It's the little things we will want to remember about these stages when they are gone and past us. 
How my daughter's teeny tiny fingers first grasped on to some fallen leaves, under the bright sun, against the cool grass ... that's something I'll want to remember. I'm so glad it's captured here.

Enjoy the time you have. It's fleeting. You know this. It goes by way too quickly, and then it's gone. Those small, sometimes hidden moments are swiftly behind us and we look around and wonder, "Where did my baby go?" Our babies are still in there, under all that growth and development. They are. They are just bigger and better versions of their newborn selves. Enjoy the growth. Enjoy every little, fast growing second. 

Take time out to remember what this was like, those first moments as they happened in front of you. 
Enjoy it. 
Every one of those firsts. So many of them. 
What a great big role we moms play. 

How special are we that we get to witness and encourage our babies becoming who they are, every step of the way? That's magical. Be grateful for it.

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