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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Pinterest : a mom's best friend

OK if you have stepped outside your rock of a mommy world then I'm SURE you've heard of Pinterest by now (Pin-terest or Pin-ter-est, depending on who says it out loud and changes up the sound of the word).

Essentially it's a big smorgasbord of AMAZING ideas all put in one place for you to adapt into your own ideas and expand your creativity. This REALLY is a mom's best friend, especially after mom brain takes over our creativity that we once had pre-kids.

You can literally search for anything on this site. Type in anything random into the search bar and a zillion ideas come up that you can re-pin and keep as your own. (Pin- think of as a thumb tack on a cork board where you tack up all the things you like and want to keep for later. Same on Pinterest, just done virtually, online.)

Here are a few "pins" I've done myself (saw the cool ideas on Pinterest, then pinned up!). This was for my nephew's second birthday party:

I threw my son the cutest (if I do say so myself, THANKS PINTEREST!) 2nd birthday party with the John Deere tractor theme this year. ALL thanks to Pinterest ideas. It came out awesome. I felt like a super start mommy for carrying out these "pins." 

Here's how you sign up:
1. Go to
2. Top center, bright red button, "Join Pinterest," click on that.
3. Sign in with either your Facebook login or Twitter login, or your email address - whichever will work the same.
4. Follow instructions.
5. All the pictures that are there on the main page are "pins," things other people have liked and posted for you to pin yourself and keep in a board. You can make boards (think cork board like I mentioned above) of any topic you want.
6. Top right under your name, drop down menu, there are several options. You can invite friends (from Facebook or email addresses, etc.) to join you. You can "follow" them, by clicking on their follow buttons on their boards, so you can keep up with the cool ideas they find and add them on your own pages.
7. You can also add your own pins, things you find on the Internet, or even upload pictures of cool craft things you have done yourself so others can search them. I've done this with a birthday party I planned for my son.
8. Top center, under the red Pinterest note, click on drop down menus for specific things you are looking for, located under general themes.

It's easy once you start playing around and looking into it. At first I didn't get it, but the more you play around, the easier it becomes, and actually you get addicted! Hooked at first pin, I swear!

Get creative, Mama!
Pinterest lets me be CREATIVE. Seriously, easily. Here are three things I made for my best friend's wedding shower gift, after ideas I found on Pinterest:
This is envelopes of date nights! I made one envelope for each month of the year after their wedding, including money or hot chocolate packets, etc. for the month.

This is a frame of the dates that changed them ...

This is my favorite, of the places where they met, were engaged and will be married. Love this! A hit at the shower for sure!

WHY Pinterest is a mom's best friend:
*It can help you plan the most creative and adorable birthday parties ever for your kids.
*You can become creative and crafty and organized and a great cook (amazing recipes on this site!), ALL from pinning!
*You can find GREAT, easy gift ideas that are really special.
*It helps you keep things in one place so you can go back later (photo shoot ideas, Halloween costume ideas, Father's Day card ideas with hand prints, etc.).

AMAZING. I swear you will be hooked once you check it out. 

Now that you know how to use the site ... let me get you started on my 
BRAND NEW the Mommy Stories Pinterest site :

Join in on the fun! 
With this Pinterest site, I hope to give you good ideas, creative outlets, and inspiration to be a super fun and cool momma (like we know you already are, Pinterest just helps us be even cooler, I think!). I'm still adding to the site, so keep coming back to find new things on there.

Be creative. 
Get organized. 
Be a super momma. 

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