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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

be nice to your sister!

Dear Owen, the Big Brother,
You've done well so far in the last 6 months tolerating this teeny tiny yet monumental change in our lives called your sister, Addisyn. You have been so sweet to her since she was born. Curious about all the new things she learns to do. Always wanting to include her. You even cried the time I wanted to take you for a special Mom and Owen day and we left her with a babysitter. 

You kiss her a whole lot. 
You want to snuggle her and share your tools like this screw below.

You laugh with her so much it makes me laugh. Especially in the car to and from school every day. You make her giggle SO much. It is the sweetest thing I've ever heard.

And sometimes, sad but true, she gives you a look like, "What is he doing now?! Who is this kid anyway?!" It's pretty funny, really. You know she's just looking up to you.

You are two peas in a pod. 
Peas and carrots.
Chocolate chip cookies and a glass of milk.
Peanut butter and jelly.
You just fit together. You match. 
You are the same but different, 
just like the photo album I created documenting like pictures of the two of you. 

You are big brother and little sister. 
It's pretty perfect.

So here's the thing, Big Brother, 
I want you to enjoy this bond with your sister. Even though your're too young to understand it now. I want it to be important to you someday. Therefore I'm hoping it starts young, this learning to appreciate your sibling. Yes, I know you will get into fights and argue over toys and other things as the years roll by. But I hope at the end of that fight, every fight, you are best buddies. 

Here are a few rules to live by for you, big brother:

be kind

let your sister follow you and don't take it as annoying; it means s/he looks up to you

don't ever say she can't sit with you on the bus on her first day of kindergarten or to find her own friends (take this from me and your Aunt Min ... it's so not nice!)

remember that siblings will be there for you when others won't be someday, so be nice

share. just do it.

be a cool guy role model for her to look up to

look out for her. make sure nobody hurts her.

give her hugs and kisses every day like you do with me.

teach her cool things like how to use your tools, make a truck noise, dig a big hole in the sandbox, use the potty someday, roll around in the leaves, and build a snowman.

take her hand when she needs it - like the first time down the slide or jumping over waves in the ocean. show her how it's done.

laugh. A LOT. you will someday realize how cool it is to have a sibling, so enjoy it every step of the way.


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