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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

STEPPED to it - second 5k complete!

I finished the Couch to 5k running program! A second time. 
The first time was after my son turned a year old (two years ago +). Now, 5 months after my second child, Addisyn, was born, I've completed it again. YAY!

I ran the 5k (which really was more than a 5k because it was 4 miles!) this past weekend. 
I was so nervous. I mean, REALLY nervous. Almost cancelled the night before because I didn't physically feel prepared (see last blog post). But I went and did it. So proud of that. Conquering fears is what we mommas are all about, right? 

Here I am below, 15 minutes before race time, feeding the baby while my husband took my son to potty! Once a mom, always a mom ...

The nerves were definitely setting in here.I felt like I was going to throw up, and pee. I always have to pee when I'm nervous. TMI, I know. The nerves got worse after a woman walked by us as my husband was taking my picture and laughed, saying, "Oh, and taking the picture in front of the ambulance, hope it's not a sign!" Grreeaaat, thanks. 

BUT, I had a cute running outfit on, so it's all good. (My shirt is from the first 5k race I did a couple of years ago on Mother's Day, so it's kinda special like that.)

Before I ran I was mom.
I changed the most disgusting poopy diaper from my daughter.
I fed my daughter a bottle.
I explained to my husband where my son's snack and water cup were, and how long before he'd probably need to pee again.
I reminded him that the stroller was in the trunk to get out and walk around while waiting for me.
I calculated the time before my daughter would need to eat again and when I'd need to empty out the girls in the chest.
Always a mom... even when trying to just be me. It's all good!

Here I am run-ging, as my son calls it... blurry and all.

Post-run, almost passing out (no, really, I was fine!) with my boy who was SOO excited for me, saying "Yay Mama, run-ging! Good job, Mama!" 

Me and my "two monkeys," as my son refers to them. They are why I run and try to accomplish goals. 

I SURVIVED! Yay and scary!
I didn't run really fast. I didn't finish first or even third or tenth. But I did it. I did the whole thing. I completed a HUGE goal of mine, proving to myself I'm more than just a mother. I'm me, too. And that's OK to be, to be me again sometimes. Learning that lesson, well that is awesome.

Yes, I will take a silly picture of me all strong and stuff, because it's what I did after I ran the last race. I AM all strong and stuff, so there! There is reason to celebrate after being pregnant 10 months and then recuperating from a Cesarean section surgery for a second time (my fourth major uterine surgery!). To know that your legs work again and your heart pounds normal again and you CAN do something for yourself - well, YES, it's something to celebrate.

When we were about to leave, my son exclaimed that he wanted to run in his own race ... so, we found a police car across from us and yelled and clapped as he ran his hardest - like toddler boys tend to do anyway - toward the police car and back, screaming on his own, "Yay, Owen! Go Owen, run-ging race!" It was pretty cool.

Running inspires my son; running makes me a better mommy. Life is good.

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