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Thursday, September 13, 2012

fall family fun - ideas of things to do!

FALL... lots of people's favorite season! 

For me, fall means returning to work in a school after summer vacation, so it tends to be SUPER busy and flies by quickly. This year I'm pledging to schedule in some fall fun before the leaves turn and fall off the trees and turn to winter before I know it. I am putting in the calendar now the things I want to do. Call me crazy or over-scheduled, but honestly it's the only way I think we'll get in these fun things. Every October I consider apple picking but it's too late, I've missed the opportunity. Not this year, we're doing it all! 

A few ideas:

apple picking (but of course!) and then making homemade apple sauce

rake leaves together, then jump in them for some fun photo ops

take a hike up a mountain

take a long walk down some random road and hear your feet scuff through the leaves

camp fire outside, smores of course!

tent in the yard

pick out the coolest leaves on the ground and make art projects from them 

bake - corn chowder, apple pie, beef stew - just a few of my favorites this time of year

check out the beach - it's still sunny and warm, yet barely any tourists are still here so it's more fun. search for sand dollars. have a picnic dinner. dig in the sand. enjoy it before the snow comes!

very adorable matchy-matchy family or sibling outfits, a pile of leaves, amazing afternoon sun that only fall can provide and a do-it-yourself photo shoot! PERFECT for future Christmas gifts

What are YOUR family's favorite fall activities? 

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