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Thursday, September 20, 2012


I love fall. I LOVE fall! I love FALL! 
No matter how I scream it, it's just plain true - fall is the best!
I look forward to apple picking with my son each year. OK last year was the first time we took him, so this year makes the second time. But still. It's totally becoming one of my most favorite memories and traditions with him.

This is how adorable and little he was last year, 
with his baby curls still attached (we cut them the following month!) ... 

and me with his baby sister in the belly, just newly forming in there.

We returned to the same place this year - McDougal's Orchard in Springvale. LOVE IT. Goats to check out. Tractor wagon ride. TONS of trees and different types of apples. The most delicious apple donuts and pumpkin donuts and chocolate ones, too, fresh out of the oven, still WARM! SO delicious. I don't even like donuts, but devoured at least 5 of those teeny tiny but oh-so-yummy donuts. They are honestly worth the trip to go apple picking! A huge barn full of other yummy treats like apple jelly and maple syrup and apple cider. All kinds of fun to be had here. I highly recommend it.

We had so much fun!

me and my babies!

Apple orchards in the fall make for the BEST photo ops!

Oh, the simplicity of toddler life... My son probably devoured at least 20 of these apples! And by "devour" I mean took two bites out of them and stuck them in his apple bag... yes, I bought them all and cut around the edges to make our family's apple sauce! Oh, toddler boys.

apple man on a mission!

See why this is my most favorite memory and tradition so far?! So much innocence and total childhood fun. Love it. I hope these are the moments my son remembers someday - sheer apple picking joy!

Next up? PUMPKINS! Can't wait for October!

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