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Monday, September 3, 2012

a Big Boy Party!

My son learned to use the potty! 
Well, still learning, really, as we have yet to have many poops on the potty itself, all pees are there - well, OK, you get the picture. It's been pretty fun and interesting and full of toilet stuff for a couple of weeks now in our home with our 2 1/2 year old learning to be the biggest boy ever. He just told me one day, "I big boy, Mama, no diapers, I wear big boy underwear." Um, OK then. And we were off!

He also learned to use a tricycle. Like really use it, without getting stuck on the hills, needing help being pushed or figuring out that the peddles go forward not back. With his little helmet on, he's the biggest kid ever on that thing as far as this mom can see! Crazy.

So, the only thing to do was throw a party! A "Good job, Owen's a Big Boy Party!" 
Total last minute, impromptu (meaning without months of researching on Pinterest, just on a whim, making my own ideas and maybe one or two from Pinterest!). It was SO great. My son has a new baby sister (4 1/2 months old) so the attention up until now has mostly been on her. To do something totally for him at this time, seeing how super proud of himself he's been with learning to use the potty, just felt right and like I'd be the most awesome mom ever to him. So, I set it in motion!

I sent out an E-vite invitation - LOVE those things! So easy and quick. We invited our family and a few close friends. I then checked out Pinterest for some ideas, but there were only "potty party" ideas for when you are initiating toilet training, nothing like what I wanted to do - throw a party after he's been doing well pottying to celebrate. I took one or two things and moved on with my own creativity.

The whole party was about $60 total. I had a lot of little things at home, too, like bubbles and paper plates, etc. so it was pretty easy.

We had the party at the elementary school in town. We have lived at this playground all summer long - easiest thing to do with an active toddler who wants to run and a newborn who wanted to be held or fed! All summer I'd been saying I wish my kids' birthdays were in the summer so we could have a party here. SCORE, found an excuse for a summer party!

I put this out for people to sign some good luck to him. It's a calendar that kids can color my mom found for Christmas. We didn't have many people come though so I just forgot to have people sign it. Would have been cute though. I also had the idea to do a diaper toss (wrap ribbon around diapers all rolled up so easy to throw, make some marks in the road with chalk for points of how far kids can throw them) but I wasn't sure how many kids were coming so decided it would not be worth it without lots of kids around. A cute idea though to use in the future!

The cake of course had to be Thomas the Train! 
He loves trains, and it just seemed to fit with "riding the big boy train!" This was Owen's FAVORITE part of the party, for sure. No, I did not make it. That's what the lovely people at the Hannaford bakery are for, LOVE them! So quick and easy. I wish I were creative enough to make this cake, maybe someday in my future baker life.

We also had individual ice cream cups.

I found this awesome and super easy recipe on Pinterest for these Smores Treats! I wanted something to do with Smores because it was summer and I came up with the play on words about doing some-more big boy things to go with the theme of the party. SO easy. 1 box of Golden Graham cereal, 1 bag of marshmallows, 1 bag of chocolate chips and a couple tablespoons of butter - melt together the marshmallows and butter, add cereal, add chocolate chips. Put in pan. Done. SO yummy (yes I realize they look gross, but everyone said they tasted delicious!).

Wow, Water-You-Know-Owen's-a-Big-Boy-Melon!

I made all the signs at home very last minute on index cards and scrapbook paper I had around the house. Each sign had a clipart photo of either a little guy riding his tricycle or of a potty and toilet paper!

I've never seen my son so excited about anything as he's been the last few weeks learning these new big boy tasks. Seeing him get so happy after pottying and then running into his party - priceless! 

He loved his train cake! 
He had so much fun riding his tricycle in the big open playground space.

Sidewalk chalk = a party planning mom's best friend! 

So glad I left Dad up to the dressing for the party - 
loved seeing his name on his shirt for the pictures. Go, Dad! 


I spent most of this party thinking to myself and even saying out loud, "How did my baby get this big?!" 

Of course I wanted my son to sit near this chalk sign in the road and make a really cute, creative photo with the balloon in tow ... but he's 2 1/2 after all, therefore he moves, all the time, at the speed of lightning ... so this is what we got. Even better, I think, that it's real and depicts exactly who he is at this very moment - curious, mobile, and way too cute.

The theme to the party was "Good job, Owen!" because it's what my adorable son kept repeating after every pee on the potty and when he'd ride around the driveway as I clapped for him riding his bike on his own. "Good job, Owen," indeed. 

Can't believe my little man is growing up. Ah, sighs and tears... but mostly, joy.

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