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Monday, August 27, 2012

step to it - week 7

Day 1
I ran outside, in the afternoon, with two sleepy kids. Perfect. It's getting SO much easier to pack us up and out the door now that baby goes a little longer between eating sessions and son is loving walking outside. It's all how it goes with two kids now I'm realizing, it all gets easier, little by little.

Day 2
I ran today even though my son is in full potty training mode and I'm supposed to be reminding him to head to the potty every like 2 seconds! I HAD to escape out of the house after being here for days doing nothing but potty clean up. So after he successfully peed on the potty, I quickly got us ready and out the door for a run in the amazing fall-like sunny morning we had here in Maine. It was perfect, too. I ran the whole way without needing a quick stretch break for my poor knee. The air felt so good and it's so much easier breathing when it's not sticky and humid out.

I felt today like I'm getting there!

Later that day
Twisted my ankle taking laundry down to the basement to wash. I think it's a sign for me to SLOW DOWN. I was literally praying "pleeeease be OK ankle, I NEEEED to run! please be OK!" It's still sore, so perhaps taking tomorrow off from running... but hoping to be fine after that. Ah. I am so close, don't want to mess it up now!

Day 3
So the thing is, day 3 didn't happen this week. I intended to make day 3 running session happen, just a few days late, after resting the very twisted and sore even when walking around the house ankle I twisted a few days ago, yet that didn't happen. Because the day I intended to try out walking faster on it to see if it was ready to run on I got this terrible ear infection thing and am on some steroid medication that makes me feel weird and I can't hear and it's hard to breathe as it is let alone attempt huffing and puffing on the treadmill running. So I was planning to just post this week's post later than normal. Yet now I'm giving in and realizing I can't run this third day session of this week 7 because I still feel like crap and it's 4 days later. So I'll forego this run. And remind myself that it's OK, I will still run my 5k soon and I will be just fine and run again. I need my health first for my kids and going back to work this week, so running has to wait until I feel better. Week 8's running will start SOON, I swear! Can't keep me down for long!

(I'm realizing a lot about running and being a mom. The two are quite similar really. You have to put yourself as a priority or else nothing else in your life will work out or be strong. You have to be strong first above all else. Hard lessons to learn... but you can get there one step at a time. Love it.)

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