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Sunday, August 19, 2012

step to it - week 6

Day 1
This run was not fun. Baby was screaming, I mean screaming. I timed it wrong for sure with her. I had to hold her twice mid-run, to calm her down. I ended up going home to take care of her and finishing the last 2 minutes of the run later in the evening. Ah! Every time this happens I just remind myself that it is what it is. I can't time it better some days. I'm lucky to get in a run when I can. A lot of the time that's when kids are around. So be it. It makes for interesting blog posts, yeah, let's go with that!

Day 2
On the treadmill, in the heat, but I did it anyway because that's how it goes. The thing is, you just have to. You have to do it. You can't make excuses, because honestly there will ALWAYS be a thousand excuses why not to do something for yourself. So I'm realizing that even on the worst days - when baby is screaming or toddler is being well, a toddler, and I'm hot and tired and didn't sleep well last night and the laundry needs to be folded - you still have to do it. Because even with those obstacles and distractions it's better after I've run than if I had listened to the excuses in my head. Running makes it all better. It just does. So just do it.

Day after
I signed up for my second 5k ever, first one post-baby #2! YAY! Sooo excited, and yet nervous, too! I'm not sharing where or when it is though, as I only like my husband and kids there. Nobody else wants to see me be a sweaty mess, and I feel like it's less pressure to actually do it if I'm the only one who knows when it is. I'm so excited! I remember how accomplished and strong I felt after my first 5k two years ago. I hope to feel that way again.

(post-run, sweaty, happy glow! and I'm totally a mom - baby in stroller, toddler digging in the background, toys everywhere! love it)

Day 3
This was the best run I've had in a really long time. It was late in the afternoon, the air was cooler than it's been in a while. It made me think September is coming, which I suppose it is. I LOVE this time of year the best for running. August moving into September is the BEST running weather ever. It's crisp and makes me think of picking apples and wearing a sweatshirt and leaves falling and changing colors. That's my favorite. It makes me run quicker, breathe easier, and just feel amazing when my feet hit the pavement.

I ran the 25 minutes! That's the longest so far all at once in this Couch to 5k program. It felt good! My knee is still bothering me though, so I have to stop for like 30 seconds twice during the run to stretch it out. I'm sooo nervous of my knee getting worse and me having to stop running like happened to me the summer after I had my son. I ended up having to quit running for a couple of months then. So now, I try really hard not to push it and to listen to my body so that I can keep up with this running gig. So far, so good.

After I finished running and we got home my son wanted to go "run-ging" with me in the driveway in his new sneakers. He was so excited about these new shoes we got today that he wanted to run around - arms and legs waving around like a duck, adorable! - that we ran up and down the driveway a little bit. We had "the talk" - the one about how running makes your legs strong so you can run and walk and play and do cool things. I love this added bonus of having the kids with me while running - my son gets to learn that taking care of yourself and exercising are great things.

(my little running man!)

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