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Monday, August 13, 2012

step to it - week 5

day 1
I took the kids out in the stroller this morning. It was perfect. It was like somehow we figured it out - the timing (not too soon after a bottle for the baby or else she'd spit up, and not too close to the next bottle feeding time). We just worked. Even singing songs to my son to keep him entertained is getting easier, less huffing and puffing while running! Yay, progress!

day 2
I ran tonight with the baby staring at me from her bouncy chair and with my son coming in to see "mama run-ing." It was a busy time of day. But I ran anyway, because I just wanted to get out some energy. My daughter sitting in her bouncy chair smiling at me... that was worth it, her cheering me on.

day 3
Ran the best run I've had since I started this program in five weeks - at 7 a.m., bright and early before it got hot and before any excuses or exhaustion could set in to make me not want to run. It was beautiful out. I actually escaped on my own, too, which was awesome! I forgot what that felt like - getting out on my own, going anywhere, but especially running. It felt like I was missing something for the beginning of the run. I kept touching my phone, my pockets, my sunglasses, making sure I didn't forget something. Then I realized it was my kids, they are what I forgot! And how amazing, it was OK that I forgot them (back with their dad, no worries!). I ran faster after I realized all was well and it wasn't my Mom Brain taking over here.

I was away for the weekend in Cape Cod for a family reunion. The fact that I packed my sneakers, sports bra, shorts and running tank top shows you how serious I am into this Couch to 5k thing, because quite honestly I forgot to pack pajamas for myself and an outfit for one of the evenings (I was packing for 2 kids, too, and with 2 kids around me making noises while packing, aka hard to focus on what I needed - imagine that?!).

Keeping up with this program takes dedication and planning, and certainly determination.Almost there!

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