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Monday, August 6, 2012

step to it - week 4

day 1
I ran today. Yup, I did. In my driveway and yard! With my 2-year-old chasing after me, pushing his lawnmower. With the sleeping beauty infant daughter asleep in her swing inside, as I kept going in the house every 5 minutes or so (on the walking parts of the running program) to check on her. It was nuts. It was too much. BUT I did it. I RAN. I got in my run. That is what matters. I finished the first run of this 4th week of the Couch to 5k running program. Who cares if it was boring and not with great scenery like my old runs back in high school and college when I was home in the summer, running along Long Sands Beach in York or up by the Nubble Lighthouse? At least I ran - even if it was around wagons and tricycles and shovels and around my car. I ran. I did it. I can cross this off the list. It was definitely the most insane run I've ever done. But hey, this is motherhood. It's busy, chaotic, slightly frustrating, and yet invigorating in the end.

(me and my tired boy, after running around the yard and driveway together!)

day 2
I ran at 9 p.m. because that's the only time I had to do it. At least I had MTV'S 16 and Pregnant on the lap top in the treadmill room to motivate me. Love that ridiculous and addicting show! I'm realizing that running is going to have to just fit in wherever I can fit it in, because as a mom we can't always have us time when we want it. Sometimes 9 at night is when it has to be. So be it.

(it's getting fun to cross off the running sessions on that paper above my treadmill - same paper I used the last time I did this Couch to 5k program after my son turned a year old!)

day 3
Woke up at 5 a.m. with two kids because we were at my dad's house on an island in northern Maine, aka different place so babies didn't sleep in longer. So up and at 'em for us. We were outside in the stroller running by 6:35! It was gorgeous! Seeing the sun over the ocean as I breathed in and out, both babies content in the stroller. It was a great way to start the day. I was glad I got the run in while away for the weekend and during the morning, because it got so hot later I never would have gone running.

My knees are bothering me though. I had knee issues since high school. I'm hoping they don't start slowing me down now. Crossing fingers!

A month down! A little more to go! YAY!

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