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Sunday, August 12, 2012

MBS - Mom Brain Syndrome

So we've all heard the term before, Mom Brain.
We all suffer from it, starting I believe the second we become pregnant in fact. It's sort of like we lose a part of what we once had up there in the noggin department. We start forgetting things. We can't speak correctly, get tongue tied, stutter, can't recall the word for certain things we are attempting to explain to someone else. We no longer act like we took a single class in college or hold a Master's degree. We seem naive and silly, like our brain fell out somehow.

For a while we can blame it on the lack of sleep or the raging hormones. But once those go away, we're just left with, "Well, it's Mommy Brain." We're moms now. With WAY too much on our minds, way too much to do and think of and prepare and plan for. So instead of being witty and charming and well, intelligent, we change into being smart about only one thing - our kids - and even then we can't speak as well as before.

But I'm here to say it's NOT our fault! We are STILL smart women! It's just that with all the new things we have to learn and remember now that we have kids, well, we can't keep it all straight, dammit! Give us a break. It's a lot to be a mom. Takes a lot out of us.

Just how much do we have on our minds? Below is a list - a very minor, starting point really - of all the things that are in our Mom Brains on a typical day. You may need to sit down to read this, or else be prepared for MBS to kick in immediately due to exhaustion from reading.
Things Moms Think of Just About Daily:

*How many ounces of milk goes in the bottle.
*Which size nipple the bottle should have right now.
*How many hours between feedings.
*Counting the hours to find out when we last pumped, and should pump next.
*Trying to remember when we last boiled the nipples, steamed the pump parts, washed any bottles.
*Trying to remember how many hours it's been since we pumped that milk and left it on the counter to see when it needs to be put in the fridge.
*Counting how many days the milk's been in the fridge, and how many months the frozen milk is good for in the freezer.

*What time our toddler ate his last snack, needs the next snack, how many veggies and fruits he got today or this week, what's on the list of foods he likes this week, etc.
*Which foods the infant has already tried or cereals that are next on the list to try.

*How many hours it's been since we last applied the sunscreen at the beach.
*How many days it's been since we last wrote in the baby book.
*What month the baby should be rolling over, walking, getting teeth, etc. 
*When the library books are due back.

*How many weeks old and months old baby is.
*The date of the next baby well visit.
*The most recent weight and height digits and percentiles.
*What page we're on in the What to Expect books - first year, toddler years, etc.
*What setting on the swing baby likes best or number on the lullaby music CD or notch on the fan to drown out the noise.

*Baby's birth weight, height, birth date and time of birth.
*How many hours we pushed for, were in labor for, had contractions for, were dilated, and how many weeks recovery it took us to feel slightly better.
*How old the child needs to be to visit the dentist for the first time, to start preschool, to get immunization shots, start swim lessons, etc. 

*Which size diapers the baby wears now and is moving into next.
*How many diapers are in the diaper bag or if they need to be replenished. 
*Which size clothes the baby wears, which can vary (3-6 for shirts but 6-9 for pants because she's long!).
*Which size shoes the toddler is wearing now, yet won't be for long because he's growing so fast, so then which size we need in a couple of weeks.
*How many pounds baby needs to be to sit in the infant carrier and then how big she should be when needs to move into the bigger car seat.
*How old he should be before moving the car seat forward facing. 

*Which channel on TV is the good one to show cartoons in the morning while Mommy is getting ready for work.
*Which app on the phone has cool pictures and videos to keep the child quiet for a bit.
*When the next play date, library story hour, birthday party, dance class, open house, half day, etc. is on the calendar.
*How much money to pay the babysitter... and all those other bills.

and..... and ..... and .....

My head hurts.

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