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Monday, August 27, 2012

just do it already!

Here’s the thing, as mothers we are all busy, all the time, every single day, every moment of every day. Even when we’re blogging or Facebooking or sitting on the couch Pinteresting, we’re BUSY people! We don’t stop. There is always something more to do. I get it. You’re super busy, can’t think to do another thing.

Yet that’s my point.
The busier we moms are, the more we tend to make excuses for avoiding doing tedious tasks that we know we need to do, that perhaps will even make our busy lives much easier and less overwhelming. And yet we find reasons (ahem, excuses!) for why we can’t or shouldn’t or, quite frankly, won’t do these tasks.
Typically the tasks are household chores. Things like weeding through kids old clothes or shoes to find what doesn’t fit anymore, cleaning out the car, or tossing out the old magazines in the recycle bin, or cleaning up the desk that is cluttered with papers and old mail and pens that haven’t worked since the baby arrived three years ago.
It’s things like this that we find no use for, no time for really, so we end up not doing them and then our lives become more cluttered, more scattered, more challenging in the end. A simple task of writing out a bill or thank you note at the desk takes 10 minutes longer because we can’t find a pen that works or where we put the stamps that we swear we just purchased the other day!
Stop for a moment, write a list of all the things in your home, car, life, work, etc. that make your life more complicated, more difficult, and then take even two of those things and attempt to fix them to make them work for you not against you, I swear your life would be A LOT easier.

It usually feels like a bigger task than it really is. I make it up in my head that it’s going to take SO long and I don’t have time and I’m too tired… until weeks go by without me doing the dreaded task that I know will make life better if I’d only just do it already! Then once I do it, just like with working out, it always goes by quickly, takes little time, and I do feel great afterward.
Tonight my task was something that’s literally been on my list of things to do this summer since June! I finally forced myself to do it and honestly it took me 35 minutes tops! I cleaned out the bottom of my kitchen sink where all the cleaning supplies, trash bags, candles, vases, etc. have lived for the last 3 years since we moved in and have never been touched or organized! Pinterest gave me the idea to get it organized, so there you have it. I threw out an entire garbage bag worth of old supplies, as well as found a bag worth of candles and vases to donate.

I forgot to take a “before” picture, but it was SO cluttered and messy in there. Now, things have a place and are all in buckets and organized. Love it! I know this will make it easier for me when rushing to clean. Things won’t fall out anymore. I won’t have things in there we don’t need just wasting space, and I won’t buy a third bottle of floor cleaner not knowing if we have any or not, so I’ll save money! Perfect? No, but it’s so much better than it was!
My point is yes, we’re all busy, of course we are, we’re mothers. Yet we need to act like the CEOs of our household companies that we are and take a step back to analyze and reassess the situation here. Is everything working the way it should? Are we doing things the best possible way we could be? Is it efficient how we run this household? Could we do better? Are there things that just take too long and if we did it differently we’d actually save time? Could we be saving money, helping the environment better, making our spouses happier with us in the process?
Take a moment – during nap time perhaps – and walk around your house. Find what works and keep it going. Find what doesn’t and write it on a list. Eventually get to it. I try to get to one thing a week or a month, whatever you end up having time for is fine. Just get to it, make sure you actually do it!
Time is too precious to not have things in top working order. Again, I don’t mean perfection or even spotless cleanliness. Just things where they need to be to make your life easier. Organization is key. Pre-planning helps. But really, kicking your own butt to just get to it is what will really do the trick! So move like Nike and “just do it!”
 (More on this topic coming soon - ideas for ways to simplify your life by getting organized, and more! Don't be scared!)

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