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Sunday, July 29, 2012

step to it - week 3

day 1
Wow. This was so easy I can't even believe I have two kids right now! I ran tonight while all dishes and laundry were done. Toys were already cleaned up. Both kids were asleep and husband was still at work. I wasn't too full from dinner. It wasn't too hot in the house. It was perfect. Sometimes we moms get lucky and have evenings like this.


day 2
I ran with 40 minutes before we were headed out to dinner with my in-laws. I had planned on running later in the evening after the kids were asleep, but then dinner plans came up and I knew we'd be out later than normal and I can't run on a full stomach... so I ignored my husband's sigh of frustration that he had to get the kids ready alone while I ran before we all headed out. But it worked. I did it and even got a shower in before heading out to dinner! Yay me, making myself a priority for once. And my husband even said he was proud of me after, so that's double yay!

day after
I stared at my post-baby belly in the mirror today after the shower and it was OK. I walked out into the kitchen to show my husband how the dark line on my stomach was now fading and how my belly button (completely distorted after two pregnancies) was even looking a little better. And I was walking around all proud, like even though my stomach is flabby and not at all what it was pre-babies, I'm actually proud of it! Running does that to me. It has nothing to do with numbers on a scale (I don't own a scale and never will, I refuse to care what the numbers say). It doesn't have anything to do with losing the baby weight or fitting into some ideal of what I "should" be like. For me, running even just a few times a week gives me CONFIDENCE. It makes me feel stronger, better, happier, awesome. So awesome that I strut my post-baby belly around in my kitchen today without a care in the world!

day 3
This running thing is getting tougher and easier. Tougher to run longer stretches now, but easier because I'm not huffing and puffing as much. Today's run I had the baby in her bouncy seat staring at me. Every minute I'd turn toward her and huff and puff through a smile and a "hi sweetheart, see mommy run?!" She loved it! And I realized again today that the time flies by. Which makes me realize I CAN do this!

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