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Sunday, July 22, 2012

step to it - week 2

Week 2 of the Couch to 5k running program, post baby #2! 

day 1
I did NOT want to run tonight.
I told myself to run Monday night, but was way too tired after work so instead watched TV and ate a Smores from the microwave with my husband on the couch Then yesterday I planned on running, but we thought my dad's property got hit by lightning (it wasn't, false alarm) so I was all worried pacing around the house cleaning instead of just strapping on the sports bra and stepping it out.

And tonight's excuses? Well, let's see, in no particular order - too damn tired after working all day, I have no clean nursing tank tops so desperately need to do laundry, so freaking tired, I'm hungry and just want a bowl of cereal, yawn, Pinterest looks like more fun right now, and oh yeah, did I mention I'm sooo tired and just want to veg out on the couch watching my newest obsession, The Practice?!

But it's important. To run. To get out of my own way, the baby's way, the toys and the laundry.

So I did. I just got on the treadmill and I ran. And like it always goes, I was half-way through before I even realized I'd been doing it very long. And then my running time was over and I was completely into my MTV 16 and Pregnant episode (yup, sorry to admit but I love that show. I call it my research for how to work with kids at my job as a school counselor!) and didn't want to stop.

Lesson learned: Ignore the excuses in my head and in the kitchen sink and in the bucket waiting to be folded. They are always going to be there. They're not as powerful as I am when I get off my butt and just START RUNNING.

day 2
I ran last night and then I ran this morning, go team go! I usually like to skip a day in between, but all those formerly mentioned excuses earlier this week means I needed to double book myself here. I will skip the craziness of details about how it took me 24 minutes - yes I timed it - to get me and 2 kids out of the house so I could start running.

So let's fast forward to when I'm actually hitting feet to pavement... and the two times I had to stop to give my son his cup of water, two times he needed help getting his hat that he let fall on the ground, five times I had to shush my daughter and give her the pacifier again because she was having a hard time falling asleep, the three times I started singing "You are my sunshine" through huffing and puffing just to help my daughter fall asleep, the two times I had to drink some water myself so then my son wanted his water two more times... and that's all I can remember right now in the 30 minutes we were gone...

BUT. I did it! I. DID. IT. I ran. Again. With two kids. Super Runner Mom, that's me.

day 3
Oh this was a hilarious one. This is the one I almost quit, threw in the towel and said hell no to this running program. This run today made me remember just why I waited until my son was a year old before trying this process the first time around. Now that I started it when my daughter turned 3 months old, well that's just crazy now!

I wanted to run outside but my daughter had just eaten and throws up easily so can't be bounced or lying around in a jogger. So inside on the treadmill it was. I thought I was good to go since my husband was home and my son was hanging with him, daughter was sleepy in her bouncy chair. So I put the treadmill on. Well, then just as I stepped onto it my daughter fussed so I went to change her diaper. Unbeknownst to me my son was no longer with his father but instead sneaked onto the treadmill... pressed some buttons... and was on his way! He screamed, I screamed, I jumped and put the baby down quickly, and my son's face was scared and excited all in one, and I grabbed him off the treadmill before he started running himself. My husband came running downstairs, both of us blaming the other for this mishap, and me secretly thinking, "yup, my running days are over, I cannot do this."

After calming my son down (he was fine, just scared more than anything) I shushed the baby to sleep for 10 minutes before resuming my position on the treadmill. Halfway through my son came in to "check mama." After huffing and puffing a convincing reason for him to leave the room ("Wow, go see what Dad's doing! So cool, go see!") he left me to my solo adventure that was not feeling so solo at the moment.

But I did it. Again. With two kids. I did it.

I'm realizing that my timing is terrible with running these days. And yet I can't do anything about it. I refuse to wake at 4 - the time I'd have to get up in order to have the house to myself to run. And I end up running late at night after kids are asleep most days anyway so nothing I can do there. I do it when I can... and sometimes my only option for when I can run is when kids are around. So I take that chance, as annoying as it turns out to be, I take it. Because I need to. I need to run. So be it.

Another crazy week of running DONE! I think I survived. Barely.

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