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Monday, June 25, 2012

a few good reads for June!

Read this summer!

Stop Second-Guessing Yourself - The Toddler Years - A Field-Tested Guide to Confident Parenting by Jen Singer
This was a great book! Definitely written by someone who knows toddlers very well. The author covered all things toddler related - giving up bottles for sippy cups, potty training, and tantrums. Filled with humor and real moms' stories, this is an easy read that helps you not feel like your toddler is crazy for doing all these new "I can do it myself" things and saying "NOOO" all the time.

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Food Fights - Winning the nutritional challenges of parenthood armed with insight, humor and a bottle of ketchup by Laura Jana, MD, FAAP and Jennifer Shu, MD, FAAP
Loved this book! Great tips like not putting too much on your child's plate, understanding that we don't need to have our kids be part of the clean plates club any longer, and how to help a baby who spits up a lot. It runs the gamut from newborns and nursing to school-aged children and how to teach to use a regular cup at meal time. We all have experienced food fights. These authors put the fights into an easy to figure out solution-focused, how-to book. They also include recipes in the back of the book of some great ideas like cauliflower popcorn (gotta get in those veggies!) and Super Healthy Pumpkin Muffins. A great starter book for anyone experiencing issues with feeding their child.

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Unbuttoned - Women open up about the pleasures, pains and politics of breastfeeding by Dana Sullivan and Maureen Connolly
I skimmed this one because it was pretty long and I have a newborn at home so limited reading time at my hands these days. It was a great book though. I have never found a book that gave the REAL truth about breastfeeding - the blisters, the sore nipples, the times where it just doesn't work and the latch is not happening, the hard hours in the middle of the night, the guilt at it not working, etc. There were so many wonderful, uplifting stories, too, about the bond between mom and baby while nursing and how proud women are when it works perfectly. My favorite story was of a mom who had 4 kids and was now selling off all her old baby things, now finished with having babies. She took her breast pump to a consignment store and just decided she could not part with it, instead put it on a shelf in her room to look at and remind her of the great job she did pumping milk for her kids. I love that! A great read - no matter if you use bottles, pump, strictly nurse, use formula or however you feed your child. 

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