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Saturday, June 30, 2012

babies month-by-month

I found these monthly milestones from a recent Parents magazine. LOVE that magazine! Here are some typical things babies do in their first year:

1 Month

make eye contact
clutch at parents
when studying faces, grows quiet and still
will have some response when hears voices
when placed on her back, will turn head to one side

2 Months
holds head up briefly
improves muscle tone
becomes excited in anticipation of objects
holds items for a few moments or longer
responds to a parent's presence with excitement

3 Months
begins to recognize family members
gurgles and coos in response to sounds
smiles easily

4 Months
laughs while socializing; cries if play is disrupted
has responsive periods of an hour or more
is quieted by music
makes "swimming" motions

5 Months
protests loudly if you try to take away a favorite toy
brings feet up to mouth and happily sucks on toes
when seated, can hold head steadily while playing with toys
will have some response when she hears voices

6 Months

turns and twists body in all directions
ready to eat solid foods such as cereals and purees
shows pleasure but also flashes of anger

7 Months
may crawl rather than creep (with abdomen on floor)
starts to learn the meaning of "no" by your tone of voice
resists if you try to make him do something he doesn't want to do
may be able to assume a seated position on his own

8 Months
crawls either forward or backward
pats, smiles at and kisses own image in mirror
is attached to parents and may be wary of strangers
can sit without support for long stretches of time

9 Months
preforms for others
grows bored with repeating games or activities
can deliberately choose a toy for play
may be sensitive to other children and their emotions, cries when they cry

10 Months

develops self-awareness and seeks social approval
responds to music by rocking, bouncing, and humming
imitates others
understands the word no, but continues to explore anyway

11 Months

seeks approval
cruises along furniture
enjoys games such as hide-and-seek

12 Months

seeks approval
cruises along furniture
enjoys games such as hide-and-seek
remembers events for longer periods of time
shows an emerging sense of humor

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