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Friday, May 25, 2012

happy 1st birthday to the Mommy Stories!

A whole year! 

One full year of blogging bliss and excitement here on the Mommy Stories! May 26th marks one year of writing about all things mommy-related. I started this blog as a baby shower gift idea for two of my formerly pregnant friends, Heather and Jess, last summer, as a way to offer ideas and advice and support. I wanted to "tell it like it is," so they felt more comfortable and got the real picture of what it's like to be a mom. 

And then it just took off. Thanks to the encouragement of my friend Heather, she kept telling me to publish this thing, to get it out there, to promote it, to get more moms on board, to start a group or something. So I did. I started a Facebook group last fall and the discussion just kept growing and growing. A week ago we were almost at 200 members. Now we're at almost 300 members, only a week later. It's pretty exciting! 

And to make things even more sweeter, to add the icing to this blog's birthday cake ... this just in... I've been accepted to be a featured blogger for a GREAT new site called Moms in Maine at I'm taking the Mommy Stories on the road! A wonderful local mother Michelle started this site for Maine moms to discuss, brainstorm, offer advice and support, and overall just be moms together. It's a GREAT thing and I'm so happy to be a part of it! 

Check my link to the Mommy Stories out at and see the other featured bloggers. They are all awesome moms offering great ideas and stories on their blogs. 

I am SO excited about this new road on this adventure of the blogging world I've entered. I started this blog as a gift, and now with a Facebook group of almost 300 members in less than a year and now being featured on another site... it's kinda a big deal! 

OK enough about how cool I think I am. 
Really though, check out It's a fantastic site! 

I think I should celebrate with a pina colada or something! Yay!

Happy 1st year to the Mommy Stories! I'm excited to see where this next year takes all of us mommies! Thanks to everyone for making this into something fun for me. 

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