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Monday, May 21, 2012

did you know?!

Some pretty random but important ideas for you mommies!
Found from Parent magazines 

Pacifiers Reduce SIDS risk
Susan Orenstein in a Parent magazine wrote, "Few medical developments are as clear-cut as the recent findings on pacifiers, which show that these time-tested baby soothers cut the risk of sudden infant death syndrome, or SIDS, by 90 percent. Experts speculate that sucking makes babies more alert, a state that seems to reduce SIDS risk. Another possibility is that the pacifier acts as a barrier between the baby's mouth and anything that could block his airways, like blankets. Whatever the reason behind the pacifier's anti-SIDS effect, don't feel guilty about introducing one; you're protecting your baby from one of the leading causes of infant death."

Going for Doctor Checkups
Some tips for making this a smooth appointment:
- go when the going's good - Avoid Mondays, Fridays and around holidays when it's crowded. Ask for morning or after lunch appointments.
-Time it right so your baby is in good spirits, well-fed and rested.
-Bring a list of your questions. You won't remember them all in the moment.
-Keep clothes simple - Having to take off baby's outfit for shots and checkups is necessary, so don't layer on an adorable outfit for this trip.
-Don't forget the insurance card for your baby and immunization record, your date book for planning the next appointment, and oh yeah, a diaper... they'll be changing that at the visit!

Make it Fun to Stay Hydrated!
A great article suggested having kids eat their water this summer to stay hydrated!
-Fruits and veggies contain 70 to 95 percent water. Watermelon, strawberries, lettuce and cucumbers are full of water.Freezing cups of apple sauce is a fun summer treat!
-Yogurt is 80 percent water - regardless of type.
-Oatmeal, beans, couscous and pasta is more than 50 percent water as they cook.

Staying Cool in the Pool
-Rinsing your child off in the shower or with the hose before getting into a chlorine pool is a good idea in order to prevent drying of skin. Sunscreen is a good moisturizer during the day and then put on some lotion at night.
-Wearing goggles is the best thing for decreasing irritation in eyes from chlorine.
-Wetting your child's hair before he gets into the chlorinated pool is a good way to prevent dried out hair. If it's already saturated with fresh water, the hair will absorb less chlorine pool water. Rinsing hair after the pool time is a good idea also.

Avoiding Cavities
-Wipe baby gums with a cloth before bed to remove bacteria.
-Once teeth show up is when you should start brushing them for your baby. Ideally twice a day, but realistically once a day. You should use non-fluoridated toothpaste before age 4.
-Ditch the bedtime bottle because the juice and milk pools in your baby's mouth, causing bacteria.
-Visit the dentist by age one.
-Eating cheese helps prevent tooth decay because it has protein in it that helps teeth.

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